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Alpinestars has launched two exciting new colorways to its Supertech M10 helmet line: the ‘Dyno’.

The ‘Dyno’ is available in two colors: a striking red white glossy, and a black matte carbon white as showcased by Alpinestars’ athlete Romain Febvre.

The result of over five years of intensive development and testing, the S-M10 helmet is a highly advanced, protective and performance enhancing motocross and off-road helmet, created within Alpinestars helmet department.  Champions Romain Febvre and Aaron Plessinger will wear the S-M10 for their assault on the 2019 championships.

Offering the highest level of protection, the S-M10 is lightweight, streamlined and comfortable with an advanced ventilation system and unique height and pitch fitting. A patented visor release system and MIPS impact protection technology give the S-M10 class-leading credentials.  The helmet is both ECE certified and DOT homologated for worldwide use.
The Supertech M10 features a distinctive smooth, multi-layer carbon composite construction shell which is free of any external channels or features to ensure there are no elements that could act as a load point during an impact. As well as reducing friction on impact, the three-layered curved surface also plays a key role in protecting the rider by effectively dissipating energy from the skull, neck and spinal column areas.
The helmet is available in four shell sizes; small, medium, large and extra-large, and each helmet has its own appropriate shell size to ensure the most comfortable fit and optimal safety for every rider.

Another key feature of the S-M10 is its patented ‘A-Head’ system which allows riders to adjust the height and angle at which the helmet sits on the head. This allows riders to fine tune the set-up quickly and easily, allowing the helmet to be adapted to different types of riding.
The development of safety features continues with the helmet’s patented visor release mechanism which, while guaranteeing the mounting is held securely in place when riding over the most demanding terrain and track conditions, including mud, also provides precisely the right level of resistance to ensure the lightweight visor detaches from the shell in the event of a significant impact, regardless of direction of impact.

With the S-M10, weight is low and an important feature, in both safety and performance terms. Every element of the S-M10 has been rigorously researched and tested to ensure the best weight to strength and energy absorption properties to create the most protective, most comfortable and lightest helmet.

The Supertech M10 is completed with rider-friendly features which may not be apparent at first glance, including a removable, washable liner, and a wider than regulation 26 mm chin strap for ease of use.  In addition, the helmet’s interior lining includes channels which allow a hydration tube to be incorporated on either side of the shell.

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