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Anstie so close to Hawkstone glory

British MX1 class rookie Max Anstie was the star of the huge crowd at Hawkstone Park, setting fast laps and domination the opening MX1 moto. He had such a huge lead he pitted for a change of goggles and still beat fellow factory Husky rider Max Nagl and Suzuki’s Armenas Jasikonis – out for the first time on the all-new 2018 Suzuki RMZ450WS.

Anstie holeshot race two and led for a lap, but hit a bump wrong and went down. Restarting outside of the top ten, he clawed his way back to fourth as Nagl won from Gautier Paulin, Kawasaki’s Clement Desalle and Jasikonis who just held off Anstie to the flag.

Anstie edges out Shaun Simpson just before disaster struck the Scotsman
Anstie edges out Shaun Simpson just before disaster struck the Scotsman

Then in the combined Superfinal, Anstie didn’t have a good start and worked his way up to third as Nagl won from Jordi Tixier who’d had DNFs in both earlier motos despite leading for a while. So Nagl took the MX1 overall from Anstie and Jasikonis, and won the Superfinal in a great day for Husky.

Anstie won the Vaughan Semmens trophy for best Briton
Anstie won the Vaughan Semmens trophy for best Briton

British champ Shaun Simpson crashed hard in the first corner of the opening MX1 race and didn’t finish. Still in huge pain, he battled through to take eighth in the second race. Next best Brit overall in the MX1 class after Anstie was Nathan Watson, riding his enduro bike! He took two seventh places, and was eighth in the Superfinal.

Max Nagl won the MX1 overall and Superfinal
Max Nagl won the MX1 overall and Superfinal

In the MX2 class, KTM’s Pauls Jonass was in a class of his own as he took both race wins and the overall, from new Husky MX2 GP signing Thomas Kjer-Olsen who had third and second place rides. Thomas Covington was third overall with second and sixth place finishes. Suzuki’s new signing Hunter Lawrence was fourth overall from his team-mate and world No2 Jeremy Seewer. The best British results were by Ben Watson who took fourth in the opener, and Conrad Mewse who was fifth in the second race.

Pauls Jonass takes the KTM to another MX2 holeshot
Pauls Jonass takes the KTM to another MX2 holeshot

In the combined Superfinal, Jonass was best MX2 rider in fifth, a place in front of Kjer-Olsen. Lawrence was 11th and Ben Watson 13th, one place in front of Mel Pocock.

Jonass was the dominant force in MX2
Jonass was the dominant force in MX2

MX2 Race one: 

  1. Pauls Jonass
  2. Thomas Covington
  3. Thomas Kjer-Olsen
  4. Ben Watson
  5. Jeremy Seewer
  6. Hunter Lawrence
  7. Jake Millward
  8. Bas Vaessen
  9. Mel Pocock
  10. Freek van der Vlist
  11. Conrad Mewse
  12. Lars Van Berkel
  13. Adam Sterry
  14. Gavin Stevenson
  15. Like Norris
  16. Jago Geerts
  17. Lewis Tombs
  18. Taylor Hammal
  19. Hardi Roosiorg
  20. Lars Griekspoor
 MX2 Race Two: 
  1. Pauls Jonass
  2. Thomas Kjer-Olsen
  3. Hunter Lawrence
  4. Jeremy Seewer
  5. Conrad Mewse
  6. Thomas Covington
  7. Bas Vaessen
  8. Adam Sterry
  9. Lars Van Berkel
  10. Ben Watson
  11. Jake Millward
  12. Mel Pocock
  13. Liam Knight
  14. Freek van der Vlist
  15. Hardi Roosiorg
  16. Gavin Stevenson
  17. Luke Norris
  18. Lewis Tombs
  19. Taylor Hammal
  20. Lars Griekspoor

MX2 overall: 

  1. Pauls Jonass
  2. Thomas Kjer Olsen
  3. Thomas Covington
  4. Hunter Lawrence
  5. Jeremy Seewer

MX1 Race One: 

  1. Max Anstie
  2. Max Nagl
  3. Arminas Jasikonis
  4. Kevin Strijbos
  5. Jake Nicholls
  6. Gautier Paulin
  7. Nathan Watson
  8. Brad Anderson
  9. Mike Kras
  10. Clement Desalle
  11. Jamie Law
  12. Dan Thornhill
  13. Rob Holyoake
  14. Ashton Dickinson
  15. Chubbie Hammond
  16. Jaap Corneth
  17. Corie Southwood
  18. Johnjoe Wright
  19. Harry Bradley
  20. Rob Wood

MX1 Race Two: 

  1. Max Nagl
  2. Gautier Paulin
  3. Clement Desalle
  4. Arminas Jasikonis
  5. Max Anstie
  6. Kevin Strijbos
  7. Nathan Watson
  8. Shaun Simpson
  9. Mike Kras
  10. Dan Thornhill
  11. Chubbie Hammond
  12. Rob Holyoake
  13. Jaap Corneth
  14. Corie Southwood
  15. Harry Bradley
  16. Corey Hockey
  17. Ben Margetson
  18. Barry Turnbull
  19. Rob Wood
  20. Chris Nuttall

MX1 overall: 

  1. Max Nagl
  2. Max Anstie
  3. Arminas Jasikonis
  4. Gautier Paulin
  5. Kevin Strijbos


  1. Max Nagl
  2. Jordi Tixier
  3. Max Anstie
  4. Kevin Strijbos
  5. Pauls Jonass
  6. Thomas Kjer Olsen
  7. Clement Desalle
  8. Nathan Watson
  9. Arminas Jasikonis
  10. Jake Nicholls
  11. Hunter Lawrence
  12. Gautier Paulin
  13. Ben Watson
  14. Mel Pocock
  15. Freek van der Vlist
  16. Lars Van Berkel
  17. Bas Vaessen
  18. Adam Sterry
  19. Conrad Mewse
  20. Hardi Roosiorg

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