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Attempt to ride a CRF450R over water to Sicily

Record holder Luca Colombo and his motorcycle are getting ready for a new adventure: the crossing of the Strait of Messina. In 2017 he crossed Como Lake and on 6 July 2019 he conquered the world speed record on water with an adapted motorcycle flying up to 104 km/ h.

Luca Colombo’s motocross bike is a Honda CRF 450R equipped with nautical skates and a rear wheel with special blades to provide thrust hydrodynamics necessary to make the over 205 kg of weight at full load glide over the water. To succeed in the enterprise Luca will have to complete the crossing without ever dropping below the critical speed of 30 knots (55.6 km / h), a decisive factor in being able to “fly” on the surface of the water without sinking.

The “route” chosen by Luca includes the departure from Torre Faro (Messina) with arrival in the locality of Cannitello (Villa San Giovanni) for a distance of 3.2 km starting from Sicily towards Calabria. To face the undertaking with wind, sea and contrary current would be unnecessarily dangerous, Luca will choose onefavorable weather window between 17 and 23 May to attempt the enterprise.

For his safety, Luca chose to wear Kingii Wearable, the smallest personal device in the world while the eventual recovery of the motorcycle is entrusted to a self-inflating device that will activate automatically in case of loss of power. During the crossing Luca Colombo will be joined by the rescue waterbikes of the K38 Rescue Team Italia of Fabio Annigoni, national champion of jet skis and course instructor professionalism dedicated to patented lifeguards and rescue jet ski drivers.