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Brits Kellett and Todd star in EMX250

Britons Todd Kellett and Brad Todd put in storming performances in the EMX250 races at Trentino in Italy, although their official results didn’t show how fast they were.

In the opener, Kellett was well in the points but had bike troubles. The second race he rode from a 15th place to start to a strong eighth place.

Brad Todd crashed in the first moto and crossed the line 15th, which was just two spots ahead of Mel Pocock. Pocock crashed twice throughout the race, so was capable of a better result.

Todd said: “Result didn’t do it’s justice for the riding. Had a decent start – was seventh till 3/4 of the race and binned it so ended up 13th.”

American Marshal Weltin was not listed on any of the results as he was disqualified for course cutting.

Simone Furlott took the moto win from Karlis Sabulis, Alberto Forato and Mito Sihvonen with Morgan Lesiardo fifth.

In the second moto, a first-turn crash claimed Pocock, Todd and Jed Beaton, hence why their results were lacklustre. Tristan Charboneau dropped out with suspected bike issues.

Todd said: “I had a big crash first corner, setting of from dead last because the side panel fell off! Didn’t want to get dirt through the engine. Came through to 22nd then I went over the bars just behind the red white and blue flag!

“I may have not come away with a result but came away knowing the speed is a top 3 pace at a top level. The luck wasn’t there but this class is only going to make me a better rider. On to Belgium now to train for Valkensward next weekend.”

Lesiardo controlled proceedings this time around, as he logged some consistent times to lead every lap and eventually cross the line eight seconds up on Miro Sihvonen. Simone Furlotti, the first-moto winner, moved from sixth to third during the sixteen-lap race, but also posted the fastest lap.

EMX250 Moto One Results: 1st Simone Furlotti, 2nd Karlis Sabulis, 3rd Alberto Forato, 4th Miro Sihvonen, 5th Morgan Lesiardo, 6thJens Getteman, 7th Joakin Furbetta, 8th Ken Bengtson, 9th Tristan Charboneau, 10th Nick Kouwenberg.

EMX250 Moto Two Results: 1st Morgan Lesiardo, 2nd Miro Sihvonen, 3rd Simone Furlotti, 4th Ruben Fernandez, 5th Karlis Sabulis, 6th Jere Haavisto, 7th Pierre Goupillon, 8th Todd Kellett, 9th Nick Kouwenberg, 10th Michael Sandner.

EMX250 Overall Classification: 1st Simone Furlotti (1-3), 2nd Morgan Lesiardo (5-1), 3rdMiro Sihvonen (4-2), 4th Karlis Sabulis (2-5), 5thNick Kouwenberg (10-9), 6th Alberto Forato (3-29), 7th Ruben Fernandez (39-4), 8th Filippo Zonta (11-13), 9th Ken Bengtson (8-18), 10thJere Haavisto (29-6).

EMX250 Championship Standings: 1st Simone Furlotti (45), 2nd Morgan Lesiardo (41), 3rd Miro Sihvonen (40), 4th Karlis Sabulis (38), 5th Nick Kouwenberg (23), 6th Alberto Forato (20), 7thRuben Fernandez (18), 8th Filippo Zonta (18), 9thKen Bengtson (16), 10th Jere Haavisto (15).

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