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Can Febvre beat Barcia in Lille?

The famous Paris Bercy Supercross moved to Lille three years ago, and the French event remains the most popular SX outside the USA. Americans Justin Barcia, Marvin Musquin, Malcom Stewart and Christian Craig will face French favourites like Romain Febvre and Marvin Musquin in the event this weekend.

Winner of the Red Bud Straight Rhythm and on the podium at the SMX and at the Monster Cup, Marvin Musquin is in great shape and will be back in his native country for the first time since he won at the 2015 MX of Nations with the French team and Febvre. The French riders are among the favourites of the 34th Bercy Supercross. Marvin recently proved that he’s one of the fastest rider in the US, while Romain improved his SX skills since last year and won the European SX title a few weeks ago.

Both Justin Barcia – twice winner in Bercy – and Christian Craig will race for the first time with their new bikes, a JGR Suzuki for Justin and a Geico Honda for Christian who will be team mate with Malcolm Stewart. It will be third year in a row that Malcolm has raced in Lille.

All the French Supercross riders usually involved in the SX Tour will line up in Lille; Thomas Ramette, Cedric Soubeyras, Fabien Izoird, Xavier Boog and Valentin Teillet are some of the French SX leaders, and they will be joined this weekend by Jordi Tixier who always enjoys racing Supercross.

A strong British team will be there with Tommy Searle and Jake Nicholls in the SX1 class (and also Joe Clayton in the SX2) while Italians Angelo Pellegrini and Matteo Bonini and Swiss Killian Auberson will represent Europe.


The SX2 class is as usual part of the program, and three wild cards will join the usual SX Tour riders; Americans Ryan Surratt and Jake Masterpool, and German Brian Hsu will raced against Florent Richier, Arnaud Aubin, Thomas Do, Yannis Irsuti and many more. In both classes the program is similar with two qualifying heats, one last chance race and the main event.

The FMX show will be more exciting than ever with Edgar Torronteras, Matt Rebeaud, Brice Izzo and Genki Watanabe. But there will be also some huge new attractions in Lille, as Swedish Daniel Bodin is coming with his snowmobile while Slovenian Ales Rozman brings his KTM quad to the French stadium!

Lille Supercross is a two day event, on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th of November. All tickets gives access to practise sessions inside the stadium, and to outside paddock for autograph sessions. Practise starts at 12.30 on Saturday and from 10.30AM on Sunday. Show starts at 7PM and ends at 11PM on Saturday, starts at 3PM and ends at 7PM on Sunday.

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#25 Marvin Musquin – France – KTM Red Bull

#461 Romain Febvre – France – Yamaha Factory Monster Energy

#51 Justin Barcia – USA – Suzuki JGR

#47 Malcolm Stewart – USA – Honda Geico

#48G Christian Craig – USA – Honda Geico

#911 Jordi Tixier – France – Kawasaki KRT Monster Energy

#100 Tommy Searle – UK – Kawasaki Monster Energy DRT

#871 Fabien Izoird – France – Honda Sr Motoblouz

#201 Cédric Soubeyras – France – JPM Racing Suzuki

#5 Cyrille Coulon – France – Suzuki Molson Sr 75

#121 Xavier Boog – France – Kawasaki Monster Energy Bud Racing

#6 Thomas Ramette – France – Suzuki Molson Sr 75

#737 Valentin Teillet – France – Honda Sr Motoblouz

#141 Maxime Desprey – France – Kawasaki Monster Energy Bud Racing

#19 Loic Rombaut – France – KTM Bulldog LR

#221 Kevin Ballanger – France – Honda

#48 Christophe Martin – Honda

# 64 Khoun-Sith Vongsana – France – Husqvarna

#137 Adrien Escoffier – France – Husqvarna

# 555 Simon Mallet – France – Honda

# 902 Killian Auberson – Suisse – KTM

#941 Angelo Pellegrini – Italie – Suzuki

#36 Matteo Bonini – Italie – Kawasaki

#45 Jake Nicholls – UK – Husqvarna

#155 Jack Brunell – UK – Kawasaki (reserve)


#25 Florent Richier – JPM Racing Suzuki

#17 Gaëtan Le Hir – Honda

#170 Yannis Irsuti – Yamaha 2B Moraco

#707 Robin Kappel – KTM

#14 Arnaud Aubin – Suzuki OB1

#15 Adrien Lopes – KTM LR Moto 17

#945 Anthony Bourdon – Husqvarna Mx Academy

#103 Dan Houzet – KTM VHR

#420 Pierre Lozzi – Kawasaki

#888 Nicolas Barcelo – JPM Racing Suzuki

#773 Thomas Do – Honda Sr Motoblouz

#872 Lucas Imbert – KTM LR Moto 17

#973 Jean-Baptiste Marronne – Suzuki

#225 Brian Moreau Strubhart – Kawasaki Monster Energy Bud Racing

#975 Julien Roussaly – KTM

#611 Calvin Fonvieille – Yamaha

#622 Mickael Lamarque – Husqvarna

#920 Gauthier Diascorn ­ KTM

#14G Joe Clayton – UK – HVA VHR

# 84 Lorenzo Camporese –ITALIE- Honda Mb

#878 Kevin Cattani – Italie – Suzuki

#117 Tim Jaunin – Suisse – Honda

(wild cards)

#151 Ryan Surratt – USA – Kawasaki Monster Energy Bud Racing

#95 Jake Masterpool – USA – Yamaha Monster Energy Bud Racing

#81 Brian Hsu – Germany – Husqvarna Maurer


Edgar Torronteras – Espagne – Yamaha Monster Energy

Genki Watanabe – Japon – Kawasaki Monster Energy Bud Racing

Brice Izzo – France

Mat Rebeaud – Suisse – KTM Red Bull

Daniel Bodin – Suède – Snowmobile Polaris Red Bull

Ales Rozman – Slovénie – Quad KTM

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