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Crashes stop Ando taking the EMX title early

Briton Brad Anderson had two small crashes which ruined his chances of clinching the EMX300 championship a moto early in Switzerland on Saturday, as fellow Brit James Dunn took the moto win.

Anderson started the moto 21 points in front of Dunn’s GL12 team-mate and current champ Mike Kras. With 25 points up for grabs in the final moto of the season tomorrow morning, Ando was hoping he’s beat Kras and clinch the crown early.

But the Brit was taken down in the first turn and remounted to make a heroic ride through the pack. He got up to fourth, then slipped off again. He remounted and charged after third place Manuel Iacopi on the last lap and made the pass to finish third, one place behind Kras. So Kras ended the moto 19 points behind, meaning Anderson only needs a 15th place to take the crown in the morning.

Kras led initially but was no match for Dunn who steamed past and pulled away to the win, even though Dunn’s victory hampered Kras’ title hopes, however slim they are.

Dunn said: “There was nothing said about team orders so I rode my own race. I got a good start which made it easier. “

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