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Decotis breaks back at Daytona

Former GP rider Jimmy Decotis broke two bones in his back in a Daytona Supercross crash. But he’s still walking, and has posted this message and photo.

“Not the way I wanted to end my night. I had a big crash before the finish line. I’m thankful to be walking. Couple fractures in the L2 and L3 and some broken ribs. Back injuries are scary so I feel I’m truly blessed with the outcome,” he said.  Thank you so much @ichorsportsmedicine, Doc Bodner and everyone at the medical unit. You guys are the true heroes of this sport and it’s so awesome to see a friendly face when you are laid up on the ground.

“I’m extremely bummed right now, I love racing my dirt bike and these next few weeks will be tough. I’m going to see a specialist on Tuesday when I arrive back in Charlotte. I will update everyone on my return as I learn more. The Rippa will be back don’t you worry..”

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