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Dyno for your shock

If you are serious about suspension then take a look at the new Andreani DB4 shock dyno, the evolution of the DB3, which has been a huge success for eight years. Boss Giuseppe Andreani said: “We rebuilt the entire concept –  developing new software and hardware. This time the software is the real revolution. We focused on precision, ease of reading, managing and comparing data. This is giving the suspension technicians the final tool to develop and test material. My technicians together with the engineers worked on a professional and problem free software and hardware.”

DB4 is the new Andreani suspension dynamometer, optimised in its design, engineering and software. The process is very simple: turn on the dynamometer, adjust the stroke you need according to the suspension that has to be measured (it is adjustable from 20 to 100 mm), fix the suspension on the machine adjusting height and position of the suspension according to the stroke, then enter in the software, set up all speeds and cycles for each speed and start the test. The powerful 4kW AC-Motor allows you to test shock absorbers and forks in a wide range of speed and loads, choosing between several stroke settings.

DB4 advanced features allows any suspension operator to visualise a real time shock’s and fork’s load vs velocity graph, compare different click settings and valving options, measure dynamic suspension parameters and detect any operating anomalies. The DB4 includes a state-of-the-art real-time dedicated controller board that ensures a stable and reliable automation and a deterministic data acquisition, while with the software provides an intuitive graphical user interface for data acquisition and simple but powerful tools for suspension analysis, it is compatible with the most common operative systems, and, as it is plug-and-play, it does not require a dedicated laptop.

The graphs and numerical outputs of the software and its sophisticated algorithms allows you to fully characterise the suspension thanks to Peak Velocity, Load Displacement and Instantaneous Velocity graphs. Besides the viscous response of the suspension, Suspension Dyno provides the following outputs: gas preload, mean gas-spring rate, and static friction. Custom versions of the software can include hysteresis analysis, dissipated energy and damping coefficient calculations. For more information: Andreani Group, Strada della Romagna 361, 61121 Pesaro (PU) Italy, phone + 39 0721 20921,,,

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