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Fantic’s 2021 production bikes are revealed

Production version of the 2021 Fantic XX125 AND XE125 have finally been revealed, and will go on sale next month at £6990 and £7450 respectively. And the Italian brand has also unveiled the XX 250 2T Cross and the XEF 250 4-stroke Enduro are coming soon. Along with factory race kits developed by a legendary engine tuner.

The xx 250 is on the way soon too

The bikes are based on Yamaha’s YZ and YZF range but are made by Fantic and have some cool aftermarket parts to make them even better. And of course, Yamaha does not offer an enduro-ready 125 and 250 two-stroke. The official press info says:

XEF 250 is revealed

 XPark in Savingano sul Panaro , Italy, hosted the presentation of the new Fantic XX 125 and XE 125 2021 MY. Performance bikes, born from the industrial collaboration with Yamaha Motor Europe, announced last November at EICMA. The new off-road range, after several months of development and race testing with the official Fantic teams, is ready to enter the market and race. 

Fantic’s philosophy undertaken for the “New Racing Era” is to develop the best racing motorcycle, without compromise and to pour decades of competition experience into mass production. 

xx 125 enduro

Research and development do not stop here. From November 2020 the first performance Evolution Kits will be available. Developed by our in-house racing team, led by legendary engineer Jan Witteveen; available for Cross (KIT XX21) and Enduro (KIT XE21). 

xx 125 MX bike

FANTIC XX 125 2T CROSS – Arguably the most fun bike on the 125 2-stroke motocross market. A bike that is easy to handle, but at the same time extremely high performance. XX 125 delivers the perfect combination of handling, sophisticated design, agility and responsiveness. Ideal for both amateurs and competition riders, looking for the best performance. The Yamaha 125cc 2-stroke engine, highly respected for reliability and wide range of use, was an excellent starting point for Fantic’s development project. The Fantic package, designed and built entirely in the province of Treviso, is the resulting work of experienced two-stroke engine experts. The creation is a model characterised by a balance of top end performance and reliability, aligned to an extraordinary chassis, demonstrating outstanding ergonomics and agility, which go beyond the limit of any so far conceived. 

xx 125

The power unit of the XX 125 Cross – The Yamaha 2-stroke 125cc engine – has been significantly modified. The 125cc developed by Fantic demonstrates a perfect balance between linearity of use from low to medium RPM, accompanied by a significant explosion of power in the high rev range. 

The CDI control unit, developed directly by the Fantic Racing department, guarantees perfect combustion at every RPM. The expansion pipe by Arrow, is specifically designed for MX use at high RPM. An aluminium silencer body and the Mikuni TMX 38mm carburettor complete the technical package of the engine. 

Working on the optimisation of the engine, exhaust and control unit management, a performance has been achieved, that puts the new XX 125 at the top of its category. 

Dynamics – frame, suspension, rims, hubs, brakes – The frame is an aluminium semi-double cradle design, which guarantees high levels of rigidity and lightness. 

Kayaba’s (KYB) suspension has been the benchmark in the off-road world for years and needs no introduction. KYB SSS (Speed Sensitive System) 48mm forks have 300mm of travel and are fully adjustable. These adapt to different levels of riding, from beginner to race professional; and provide the pro riders with excellent adaptability for differing conditions. The mono shock absorber is also KYB, with 315mm wheel travel. 

Brakes are by Nissin, delivering power and control for both front and rear, with a 250mm disc at the front and a 245mm disc at the rear. The equipment is completed by Excel 21 x 1.60 – 19 x 1.85 rims, on which Dunlop MX 80/100-21 – 100/90-19 series tyres are mounted. Standard gear ratio is 13:48. 

xx 250 coming soon

Ergonomics – saddle, tank, plastics, etc – The Fantic designers have worked in conjunction with the race test team, developing the ergonomics according to the requirements of modern motocross and supercross riding. After much research by the Fantic Racing department, the ergonomics deliver outstanding rider comfort and control. The introduction of a very slim tank, radiator covers, side panels and seat, allows the rider enhanced freedom of riding position. 

The central section of the bike is characterised by a slender line, delivering maximum control and stability at speed. The reduced central space enables a firm rider grip in the knee area and allows for greater freedom of movement and control in corners, jumps and whoops. The handlebars are made of 28mm aluminium. 

Anticipated MSRP for the Fantic XX 125 Cross is £6990.

The XE 125 enduro

FANTIC XE 125 2T ENDURO – A perfect synergy between agility, versatility, performance, and ease of use, even in the most extreme situations; this is the new Fantic XE 125 Enduro. A motorcycle capable of guaranteeing easy riding and control, even on the most hostile trails. 

Fantic XE 125 is the ideal bike for both amateurs looking for strong emotions and racers who want to fight at the top of their respective competition series. The reliability, versatility and performance of the engine, combined with perfect dynamic ergonomics, position the XE125, from the outset, as a standout motorcycle in the world of Enduro. 

The power unit of the XE 125 Enduro – The Yamaha 125cc liquid-cooled 2-stroke single cylinder engine – compared to the Cross version, features an Enduro designed cylinder-head, with a lower compression ratio and the CDI control unit has a dedicated mapping for Enduro use. The engine also differs, as is equipped with an oversized generator to supply a 12V battery. 

The exhaust system – The exhaust of the XE 125 has been developed in collaboration with Arrow. The development delivers a new expansion system designed specifically for Enduro use, optimised particularly at low revs. The result is a perfect system, that guarantees remarkable torque at low RPM and excellent rider feedback even in the most technical and challenging sections. The slim silencer produces the voice of the motorcycle; whilst respecting noise emissions, it is set for racing to deliver power and linear traction, without unnecessarily tiring power peaks to manage. The silencer, manufactured with a new development in sound deadening material, is approximately 100mm longer than that of the Cross version, yet is slim and stylish. 

Dynamics – chassis, suspension, rims, hubs, brakes – The chassis of the new XE 125 is an aluminium semi-double cradle. Whether running slow or fast, the XE 125 proves to be excellent; always offering agility, stability, traction, whilst it absorbs the roughest of terrain. 

The Kayaba (KYB) 48mm SSS (Speed Sensitive System) forks, with 300mm of travel and Enduro settings, specifically designed by our Racing department, adapt to various riding styles; beginners or professionals, the suspension provides performance at the highest level. The KYB monoshock, with 315mm wheel travel, is separately adjustable for preload, compression and rebound. 

The swingarm is made of alloy, the DID rims with sizes 21 x 1.60 – 18 x 2.15 are fitted with Dunlop Geomax EN91 tyres 90/90-21” & 120/90-18’’. Standard gear ratio 13:50. 

The braking department is by Nissin; power and control for both front and rear, with 250mm disc on the front and 245mm on the rear.

The XE enduro 125

Ergonomics – saddle, fuel tank, plastics and, lights – The fuel tank integrates perfectly with the line of the bike and thanks to a large 9 litre capacity, is amongst the largest in its category; it guarantees great range in long off-road rides. Being so slender, it allows it to be squeezed between the rider’s legs for maximum control. The radiator covers are designed to guarantee ample movement and control of the motorcycle. The seat has a high grip cover, allowing the rider to feel at one with the bike. The standard LED headlight ensures great visibility even at night. 

Anticipated MSRP for the Fantic XE 125 ENDURO is £7450 

XEF 250


Backing up the launch of the new 125cc two-stroke engines, Fantic also released to the International press, the new prototype of the 250 4T Enduro, which will be available as early as November this year. The model follows the theme of its smaller displacement brothers, proudly bringing the same Factory Feeling. 

XEF 250 coming soon

A Euro5 bike, ready to be immediately competitive at the races! 

The versatility of this model is guaranteed by collaboration with Athena-GET, which will allow riders to adapt the mapping of the new ECU to any kind of terrain or conditions, thanks to the use of a smart phone APP. 

XEF 250 looks good

With an exhaust system by Arrow, Kayaba (KYB) suspension, innovative proven Yamaha 4T engine made even more modular by way of adjustable mapping via the Athena-GET APP; what a package this bike will be. 

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