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Entries open for Kawasaki Arenacross series

The Arenacross Tour and Kawasaki UK have joined forces to create an all-new and massively-exciting, single-make 85cc race series for the 2019 Tour.

The Team Green Supermini Cup will cater for the best BW85cc riders on the land, with the leading 11-to-15-year-old racers, from this category, selected to participate in a UK motocross-first.

This unique initiative will present an incredible opportunity to 12 talented young riders whereby identical, race-ready machines will be taken to each round of the Arenacross race series at Belfast, Birmingham, and Sheffield.

The brand-new KX85s will be professionally prepped and individually set up for each rider by Kawasaki UK, with a Pro Circuit exhaust system, individually adjusted suspension settings, and different handlebar bends. The beauty of the Team Green Supermini Cup is that the engine will be stock, thereby making it a level playing field and allowing the rider’s race-craft and skill to shine through. Two sets of full THOR race kit will be supplied for each rider, together with Bell helmet and a set of Alpinestar boots; these will be exclusive to each rider and can be kept at the end of the series.

Once at the Arena, the whole operation will be housed within, and work out of, a Factory-style team pit at each event, with a dedicated Team Green Supermini Cup co-ordinator and mechanic.

The only outlay to the rider is the MCF licence, entry fees for each round, travel and accommodation. Other than that, each one of these privileged few simply needs to rock up to the Arena and get ready to race.

Commenting on the new race programme, Ross Burridge, Senior Racing Co-ordinator for Kawasaki Motors UK, said; “Having already been a part of the Arenacross Tour for a number of years, we’re thrilled to extend our relationship with the series in this exciting new capacity. With our KX85, a big part of Team Green is nurturing youth talent, and we think this Arenacross initiative is the perfect way to introduce young upcoming riders to our brand. I personally can’t wait to see 12 KX85s lined up next to each other when we open at Belfast in January – it’s going to be a terrific spectacle.”

It’s electrifying
The youth opportunities don’t stop there though as the inventive lot at Arenacross have launched the Kuberg AX E-Cup for the 2019 season. Here, 12 seven-to-10-year-olds will be invited to create motocross history by contesting a ground-breaking All-Electric championship. Matching AX Kuberg Pro machines will be shipped to each and every round. The riders will be provided with bespoke AX race kit and, again, will just need to take care of their own entry fees, MCF licence, and get to the Arena on time.

The Kubergs were showcased a couple of years ago at Sheffield to great success. The Youth 65cc riders of the day, were challenged to put the light and nimble, super-electrics through their paces, tackling the same fast and demanding circuit as the petrol-powered machines. The end result was a huge thumbs-up from the mini Arenacross superstars who all agreed the electric bikes were great fun and super-easy to ride.

Rookies at the ready

And the prospects continue for Arenacross youth riders as another new class will be available for riders between the ages of 14 and 18-years. The Arenacross Rookie Cup will provide a vital stepping stone for aspirational racers who fall between the criteria of the Team Green Supermini Cup, and the Pro Lites class. For safety reasons, the Pro Lites minimum age limit for 2019 is 18-years and so this newly-introduced category provides a perfect platform from which the younger teenage riders can shine.

Explaining the rationale for the changes, ASL’s Matt Bates said; “Ever since we started Arenacross in 2013, it’s always been about delivering ground-breaking new ideas. I can’t thank Ross and the team at Kawasaki enough for supporting the idea of the Supermini Cup and making a dream come true for so many young riders. Equally, we needed to think hard about how to develop teenagers between this, and the Pro Lites class. That’s why when we, the first organisation to re-badge the old senior class as the Rookies, will continue to create races for the next level of Pro riders.

“As much as I realise there’s divided opinion, like it or not, the electric revolution has started. I’m a two-stroke loving petrol-head like most of us, but I’m smart enough to realise that we’re a noisy sport – I’m not saying let’s all go green and plug in our rides, but I’m willing to set out a new plan to help protect our sport and potentially attract a new type of bike rider. And, if I ask myself will the sport in its current state be here in 20 years, the answer is clearly in a very different way – tomorrow is for sleeping!”

Riders interested in taking part in the Team Green Supermini Cup, Kuberg AX E-Cup or Arenacross Rookie Cup are invited to apply online via

The application process will open at 10am Thursday, the 1st of November, and close at 10am on Saturday the 10th of November 2018.

Once all applications are received, a panel of judges will consider the merits of each rider and select the ones lucky enough to get seeded through to the most comprehensive range of high-profile youth classes ever to grace UK motocross soil.

Never before have youth motocross riders been offered such extensive opportunities.

Arenacross Tour dates;
18th January – The SSE Arena, Belfast
19th January – The SSE Arena, Belfast
1st February – The Genting Arena, Birmingham
2nd February – The Genting Arena, Birmingham
15th February – The Fly DSA Arena, Sheffield
16th February – The Fly DSA Arena, Sheffield

Ticket and Arenacross Tour information is available at

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