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Fox pays homage to GOAT Carmichael

Ricky Carmichael is the Greatest of All Time. His legendary battles, undefeated seasons, and iconic Fox Racing graphics are burned into our collective memories. The GOAT Special Edition Collection reinvents three Ricky Carmichael Replica kits, handpicked by RC himself to honour significant moments from his career. To Ricky, these graphics have “more meaning than just racing.”

The first graphic, known as Vertigo, commemorates his final Supercross race in Orlando in 2007. While he took second to Bubba Stewart that night, the story behind the race- his twins were born at 3 AM on Friday, he was helicoptered to the start Saturday, and with little sleep had, in his own words, “the most epic frickin’ races of my life” – shows that sometimes winning is a matter of perspective.


180 GOAT Jersey: 59,99€ / 59,99£

180 GOAT Pants: 159,99€ / 159,99£

V1 GOAT Helmet: 229,99€ / 209,99£

Main GOAT – SPARK Goggles: 46,99€ / 46,99£


Youth 180 GOAT Jersey: 34,99€ / 34,99£ 

Youth 180 GOAT Pants: 114,99€ / 114,99£

Youth V1 GOAT Helmet: 209,99€ / 199,99£

Youth Main GOAT – SPARK Goggles: 39,99€ / 41,99£