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Frost takes Sudbury Extreme

Charlie Frost notched up yet another win crossing the line after two hours of hard slog in this years Sudbury clubs Foxborough extreme enduro, on Sunday.

Frost battles through to the win

The industrious members of the Sudbury had laid out a fantastic circuit at the old pit site which included of the available natural team which included some very slippery climbs and descents complete with some deep boggy bits thrown in to make it interesting. But then in front of the surprisingly large crowd of spectators the man-made sections of tree trunks, old tyres and old bits of concrete made the whole thing even harder but much more entertaining.

Jack Berry paddles on

Frost didn’t have things all his own way because Ben Wibberley was pushing him all the way and completed 19 laps before the two-hour time limit ran out. Stevie Roper had a disaster of a first lap and really struggled over the man-made section. He calmed down after a couple of laps and crossed the finish line in third place, all be it four laps down on the flying leaders. Craig Roper was fourth, a lap down on Stevie. 

Style from Craig Roper

Jonathon Pearson won the experts class and completed 15 laps which would have placed him fourth in the pro class. Jason Pearce and Barney Thurgood both did 14 laps and finished second and third in class. Mark Kirby was fourth, one lap down with top British quad rider Sheldon Seal fifth. Seal was heard complaining about having two wheels missing on his KTM.

James Barker in the steam

Jack Austin completed 12 laps to win the clubman class, two laps clear of second place man Joe Phillips with Jo Henthorn third.

Stevie Roper takes a dive

Five riders thought it would be fun to do the enduro on trials bikes without padded seat which is usual on the no sitting down sport of trials. The lack of a seat didn’t seam to bother the young Ryan Crisp for he stood up for the whole two hours and covered an impressive 14 laps. The older Jez Moss had given the event some thought and fitted a proper enduro seat to his trails bike for a more comfortable event. He finished second, two laps behind the winner Crisp, with Jason Green third. 

Bit of an off for Joshua Kirby



1 Charlie Frost 19 laps
2 Ben Wibberley 19
3 Stevie Roper 15
4 Craig Roper 14
5 Jack Berry 12
6 Jamie Roper 11
7 Myles Saunders 11
8 Freddie Davis 11
9 Ian Parker 10
10 Will Hughes 2

No wobbles from Ben Wibberley


1 Jonathon Pearson 15 laps
2 Jason Pearce 14
3 Barney Thurgood 14
4 Mark Kirby 13
5 Sheldon Seal 13
6 James Barker 12
7 Chris Salt 12
8 Joshua Kirby 7
9 Gene Womack 7
10 Lewis Slaney 6

Stevie Roper on the tyres


1 Jack Austin 12 laps
2 Joe Phillips 10
3 Jo Henthorn 9
4 Gary Vines 8
5 Lewie Davis 8
6 Bogdan Borosescu 8
7 Luke Womack 6
8 Jason Gibbons 5
9 Archie Gunton 5
10 Paul Bird 4
11 Daniel Sayer 4
12 Andrew Sterling 4
13 Paul Martin 2
14 Will Packer 2
15 Daren Francis 2
16 Jamie Ward 2

Sheldon Seal slip sliding


1 Ryan Crisp 14 laps
2 Jez Moss 12
3 Jason Green 10
4 Ben Warner 4
5 Lee Crisp 1

Trials man Andrew Sterling

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