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Honda thumbs-up for Mugen’s Electric Monster!

Honda’s sibling company Mugen unveiled this monstrous-looking electric bike at the Tokyo bike show this week and a version of it is being investigated as a future production bike, but without the odd styling, we can exclusively reveal.

It’s called the E-Rex – after the famous T-Rex dinosaur. Hence the very unusual styling!

Mugen was always known for a company that was Honda’s unofficial race tuning and development arm, and made some of the world’s most advanced motocross bikes in the 1970s and ’80s. Mugen then moved largely into Honda racing car tuning parts before returning to motocross tuning parts around 2010.

But in recent years they have focused on electric motorcycles, and have won the Isle of Man TT Electric class. Former motocrosser John McGuinness will again race the electric Mugen in the TT this year.

The prototype motocross bike features radiators to cool the batteries, but no rear brake pedal. Without the need for a clutch, the left side handlebar lever becomes the back brake.

The new MUgen e-crosser
The new Mugen e-crosser

Honda is fully behind the development of the project and ordered Mugen to start developing the bike. Honda’s bosses are aware that they don’t have a production electric bike yet – unlike KTM who already build and sell the Freeride E. That’s why they are pushing ahead with the project.

Mugen will be looking to change the looks of the bike as technology develops, as they understand more traditional styling is really important for the motocross market.

McGuiness's TT racer for 2017
McGuiness’s TT racer for 2017


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