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Icelandic youth comes to the UK!

Mani Peturrson will travel from Reykjavik in Iceland to compete in the Judd KTM British Youth National Championship in the Big Wheel 85cc class for 2018. And he’ll be in action at the British Motocross Festival at Culham from March 30. Hear what he has to say about his move to racing in the UK…
Tell us a bit about yourself and your career so far in motocross?
Mani: “I am from Reykjavik in Iceland and have been riding for a number of years with my father who has been in the sport since 1988. I have trained with all the best riders in Iceland since I started riding. I started riding an 85cc when I was 9 years old and competing on 85’s when I was 10 years old in the Icelandic Championship. I have competed in all rounds since then with good results and always on the podium.”What’s your ultimate goal in the sport?
Mani: “My goal is to race for Iceland in the Motocross of Nations in 2021.”

Have your ridden before in the UK?
Mani: “In October 2017 I rode in the UK with my father. We trained with Ash from RMJ Academy and competed at a club event where I won the Big Wheel 85cc class, which I enjoyed.”

What have you been doing in preparation to competing in Judd KTM British Youth National Championship?
Mani: “In December and January I headed over to Spain to train with the RMJ Acadamy team in preparation for this season and recently I have been in the UK training again with Ash to help with the preparation for my season.”

How do you feel about competing in the Judd KTM British Youth National Championship this year?
Mani: “It’s always been a dream to compete in bigger events than the Icelandic Championship. I am pleased to be competing in the UK and look forward to what other events have to offer.”

Obviously you will be flying back and fourth to events due to school, what’s your plans in between rounds?
Mani: “We have someone in the UK who will be storing my bike in between me riding. We plan to spend the week before round one practicing and will take it from there for the rest of the season. When I am home I am always training on and off the bike.”

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