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Injured Herlings’ Qatar backlash

Triple world MX2 champ Jeffrey Herlings bravely rode through the pain barier, just 10 days after surgery on his hand, in a bid to score some world championship points at Qatar on Saturday. He took 18th and 11th place finishes to score 13 points and has posted an X-ray of his injured hand and made the following statement:

“How can people say I dissapointed? I’m racing with a broken hand. Dieing from the pain lap after lap to get at least some points to keep the big dream alive. Definitely this weekend and next weekend my racing will be terrible and we are fighting for positions we really don’t wanna fight for.

“But the situation is like it is and the situation is that we are capable of racing for the win. And people who ever broke that bone will understand what I am saying to race 10 days after getting it plated. The competition is very strong and you need to be 100% fit and trained to be going for the win. And both I am not. Would like to thank all my sponsors for supporting me all this way and especially Red-Bull and KTM for always having my back.”

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