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Yamaha’s 2018 YZF450 gets electric start!

Yamaha has unveiled its new factory race bike which is based on the new 2018 production YZF450 that features a brand new frame, swingarm, bodywork and an electric start. The machine, to be raced in the All-Japan championship by Yu Hirata, has some factory or aftermarket parts already fitted but is based on the new production bike which will be unveiled later this year.

The frame is different and includes new-look airbox and all bodywork, plus a new air intake and exhaust. The production bike will retain coil spring forks, say Yamaha in an official release. The electric start is not like the factory YZF450s as used in GPs by Romain Febvre and Jeremy Van Horebeek. This is designed and built by Rinaldi in Italy and sits in front of the cylinder on the left side of the motor. It seems the new bike’s e-start is behind the cylinder, and unlike Honda is seems the bike will not come with a kickstart.


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