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Jeffrey Herlings US rumours are melting the internet

The internet is white hot with rumours of Jeffrey Herlings jetting off to the USA to race the outdoor nationals. Just think about it, if he misses 3 or 4 MXGP’s its a no brainer, why wouldn’t he go?
KTM will need a title and with a full season racing in the USA, Herlings would deliver.

Listen in to the Whiskey Throttle Show with David Pingree and Grant Lansgton for the latest on the Herlings rumour mill.

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Hello everyone, It’s difficult physically and especially mentally to not be lining up this weekend in Argentina for the opening round as reigning MXGP World Champion. Unfortunately as many of you will know I shattered my foot during a practice crash in Spain preparing for the season. I was feeling great during the winter preparation and I am convinced I was being faster and even better prepared then I was in 2018 when I won 17 out of the 19 rounds and the worst overall finish was a 2nd place. But being fast is one thing, being present at all races is another thing and for some reason I haven’t succeeded that well in the 2nd part. As out spoken many times, my biggest competition for the championship is Jeffrey Herlings himself. Aswell as 2014, 2015, 2017 I might have possibly ruined another championship by taking my self out early of a championship hunt due to a injury. Anyhow, most important for now is to heal up a full 100% and come back strong when the time is there. I feel like I let many people down and in times like this you find out who are really there for you and who are not. Ofcourse there are thousands of friends at the moment when the sky is the limit, but when you get in to the difficult part of your career aswell as in life the real friends are hard to find. Hard times teaches us valuable lessons and hard times will reveal true friends. For now I do not really know yet when I’ll get back to racing and what my plans are for the rest of the season. I’ve had many injury’s in my racing career but the last weeks I’ve stept a few steps back from the sport and have given myself a little break to recharge the battery’s for the 2nd part of my career. I’m more motivated then ever and I would like to thank all my partners, sponsors, family and close friends who are there for me with their support. We will be back on top before we know it. And believe me, we are going to be back nr. 1. ? JH. #MAXIMAALVUUR ?? @ktmfactoryracing @redbull @oakleymotorsports @jumbo @giampishow @knmv_motorbond @hennekenskay #Josmaas

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