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K-Tech spring kits for 2021 WP forks

British suspension experts at K-Tech have released £400 kits for 2021 KTM and Husqvana WP forks to replace the air spring system with a coil spring. You also have to buy a coil spring, too. The official info says:

The K-Tech Off Road Spring System has been designed to replace the air system in the latest off road motorcycles, this simple design allows you to remove the original air spring system and replace it with a more conventional spring system. This direct replacement spring system requires no machining to install and also features external spring preload adjustment. The system also comes with a hydraulic bottoming device which protects the rider on hard landings.

  • External spring preload adjustment
  • Direct replacement (No machining required)
  • Hydraulic bottoming device
  • Hard chrome piston rod
  • Aircraft grade aluminium parts
  • Wide range of spring rates available

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We tested the 2020 version this year…