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JM Honda to replace injured Cervellin

he hunt is on to replace Michele Cervellin of JM Racing Honda who suffered a huge setback during a training session this week when he crashed and dislocated his shoulder. It effectively means the end of Cervellin’s season, since the world championship series will soon resume with many races packed within a short time span.

Due to Cervellin’s  expected long absence, the team will look at a possible replacement for the remainder of the season. An announcement in this regard will be made as soon as a deal has been secured.  

“It’s an unfortunate situation,” team manager Jacky Martens said.  “Michele went off the track and did not even crash hard. He just braced with his hand at a wrong angle, and this caused his shoulder to dislocate. He will have to undergo an operation, which means a fairly long revalidation period. This is the end of the season for him, unfortunately. It is a huge pity, because he was just getting back to his old form after recovering from his wrist injury.”