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Kawasaki KX450: GP machine that can be tamed

It’s always exciting when you get to ride an all-new bike. And latest KX450 is not only the first totally new Kawasaki flagship MX1 machine for five years, but the only all-new machine in the 450 class from any manufacturer for 2024. And that makes it very special.

A brand new KX450 and an awesome track to ride. Happy days

There’s a new motor with centre-port exhaust and new head, new aluminium frame, different bodywork, Brembo brakes, Traction Control, riding modes with handlebar-mounted switch and Bluetooth connectivity using the Rideology app. And the bike certainly got put through its paces in all conditions as it was launched at an awesome facility in Spain, starting on a damp and slippery track that eventually turned super-tacky, right through to some night riding under the floodlights.

This bike has been developed with versatility in mind to make it perfect for riders of any level. The all-new down draft system gives you plenty of torque and useable power, while the plush suspension ensures you remain connected with the track as you ride. With thoughtful onboard features and easy handling, this bike is a great choice for entry-level and experience riders.

Riding under the floodlights is a great experience

The bike handles well on track, acceleration response is good and it feels firmly grounded when carving around each corner. You can feel the bike’s power and responsiveness and you never feel like you are losing control very useable power band. After a few laps, you can truly appreciate the bike’s design. It’s balanced over jumps and through the turn.

Cornering is precise

The suspension could be tweaked a bit harder, but honestly it felt fine for me. If I was racing the bike week in and week out I’d make the front and rear a tad firmer the front forks would definitely benefit me more if they held up a little more.

With lots of traction, it’s so quick

The new KX450 is a machine that makes it easy to go very fast on easily, and can be fine-tuned for every level of rider. It’s an awesome machine and definitely one which I enjoyed riding. I felt I could attack the track and place the bike where I wanted it to go. That allowed me to be creative while still being able to hold a fast flowing turn. Kawasaki have developed a good bike and it’s great to feel the progression of the bike.

The bike feels light and flies well


NEW Engine tuning
NEW Cylinder head
NEW Straight exhaust port and centre exhaust 
NEW Smartphone connectivity 
NEW Handlebar-mounted traction control switch 
NEW Brembo brake system
NEW Lightweight aluminium perimeter frame
NEW ODI Lock-On grips
NEW Easy-to-remove side cover
NEW Slim ergonomic bodywork
NEW KTRC and riding modes


The KX450 is a refined machine and Febvre is loving it in GPs

For 2024, Kawasaki changed the layout of the entire intake system, all the way down to the valves which were modified to an ideal port shape and shifted vertically to be symmetrical with the intake and exhaust ports. The intake and exhaust ports were also modified for straighter airflow and improved efficiency. As a result, power is improved across all areas at any throttle position or engine rpm. 

The bike just feels right. And it’s good for pro riders to clubmen

The exhaust pipe has been moved to the centre of the bike, helping to contribute to both peak power and controllability while allowing for slimmer bodywork. The pipe’s silencer was moved forward as well, contributing to mass centralisation and a firmer feel.


An all-new lightweight aluminium perimeter frame retains the praised handling character of the previous model, with optimised stiffness and dimensions that help improve the front-end feeling and traction while riding in various conditions. 


For the first time in KX history, a Brembo braking system will adorn the front of the KX450, including a master cylinder and brake caliper for excellent stopping power controllability. A Nissin braking system will remain on the rear of the motorcycle for a combined braking package that produces seriously fast lap times.

Style was a priority for Kawasaki engineers. The 2024 KX450 will feature all-new bodywork that allows riders to change their riding position more easily. The shrouds, side covers and rear fender all received updates to their design, condensing the KX450’s overall appearance for a lighter-looking feel while adding to the mass centralisation of the bike itself. A new quick-release design will be featured on the side cover, facilitating convenient, tool-less access to the air filter. 

There’s a reason Romain Febvre was so good in 2023 – it’s this bike

For added rider comfort, ODI Lock-On grips will come standard on the KX450. This innovative grip system bolts the grips to the handlebar and will simplify the process of replacing grips. The grips will be accented with green details in the rubber tips and mounting hardware, continuing the motorcycle’s sharp racing image. 


A new traction control and power mode switch enhances the left handlebar, marking another first for the KX line of motorcycles. Riders will be able to choose their level of KTRC assistance (strong, weak, or off), adjust between power modes (normal or mild response), and activate launch control at the push of a button. 

Power mode mapping can now be adjusted using the Rideology app, another KX-series first. Instead of using the current accessory FI calibration kit, riders will now be able to adjust fuel and ignition timing and keep a maintenance log using Bluetooth connectivity from their smartphone. 

The suspension tracks well but could do with stiffening for faster riders


New KX250

Tuned for race-experienced riders, the 2024 KX250 is powered by a 249cc liquid-cooled, four-stroke engine that is designed to achieve strong performance across the rev-range and result in quick lap times and excellent holeshot performance. The KX250 continues to utilize the finger-follower valve actuation – a valve train designed by Kawasaki’s World Superbike engineers – to help achieve a high rev limit that allows for the use of more aggressive cam profiles and contributes to high rpm performance. A 14.1:1 bridged-box piston features a dry film lubricant coating on the piston skirts to reduce friction and help with the bedding-in process. Dual injectors complement the powerful engine and increase engine output at high rpm. The use of a coned disc-spring hydraulic clutch provides a

A slim aluminium perimeter frame was designed with lightweight, nimble handling, and slim ergonomics in mind. The lightweight construction is composed of forged, extruded, and cast parts for optimized rigidity. Large-diameter 48mm KYB inverted coil-spring front forks enable the use of 25mm damping pistons, delivering smooth action and firm damping. A Kashima Coat on the forks’ outer tubes helps reduce friction and prevent wear abrasion. On the rear, a KYB shock unit complements the front fork and features dual compression adjustability. 

Stopping the powerful KX250 engine is a 270mm Braking brand front rotor, which delivers strong braking force and superb control. A 240mm Braking brand rear disc contributes to controllability and offers optimized stopping performance. Dunlop MX33 tires offer excellent traction and have been fitted in 80/100-21 front and 110/90-19 rear sizing. 

Kawasaki continues its unmatched commitment towards providing riders with class-leading comfort thanks to its ERGO-FIT® adjustable handlebar mounting system and footpegs to fit a variety of riders and riding styles. A factory-style 1-1/8” thick aluminum Renthal® Fatbar® handlebar comes standard and features four-way adjustable mounts. The multi-position handlebars offer two mounting holes with 35mm of adjustability, and the 180-degree offset clamps boast four individual settings to suit different sized riders. The footpegs feature dual-position mounting points, with a lower position that reduces the standard setting by an additional 5mm. 

Sleek bodywork with factory-style graphics help ensure that the KX250 is the sharpest-looking bike in the paddock and further reflects its highly-tuned performance. The bodywork on has been designed to facilitate rider movement with long, smooth surfaces that make it easy to slide back and forth.


Mini rocketship KX

Built using much of the same race-winning technology as that found on the KX112, the KX85 motorcycle defines a “big bike in a small package” and returns as strong as ever in 2024 with the goal to provide young racers the championship-winning advantage they need to sharpen their skills. The KX85 relies on its instantaneous power, nimble handling, and factory-race-inspired styling to reach the chequered flag first. 

The two-stroke, single-cylinder 84cc engine is equipped with a highly advanced powervalve system that generates an easy-to-use wide-spread powerband. Just like the KX112, it features a 6-speed transmission, Dunlop MX33 tires, slim ergonomics package, aggressive KX styling and excellent cooling performance. Championship performance requires power, which is exactly why the KX85 stands above the competition. 


Baby KX is a pure fun machine

The 2024 KX65 is the most compact motocross bike in the Kawasaki KX lineup, built to serve as the machine of choice for aspiring motocross racers driven to follow in Kawasaki’s championship footsteps. The durability and reliability the KX models are known for creating a dependable platform for young racers. Featuring a six-speed transmission, race-ready engine, strong stopping power, and superb handling, the KX65 builds champions. 

Its liquid-cooled, two-stroke 65cc engine and lightweight chassis deliver strong controllable power and exceptional handling that results in the ultimate recipe for winning races. The 33mm front forks and four-way adjustable rebound damping are capable of performing at the highest level in aggressive terrain, while the rear is fitted with Kawasaki’s Uni-Trak single-shock system with adjustable rebound damping and fully adjustable spring preload. 

KX65 in action