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Kawasaki XC racers are coming to the UK!

The all-new 2021 Kawasaki KX250XC and KX450XC cross-country racers will now be available in the UK. Anticipated availability in the UK is November 2020 with the KX250XC at £7,599 and KX450XC £7,999.

Big boy 450

Based on the highly advanced Kawasaki KX range, both of these cross-country motorcycles have received specific XC tuning that encompasses the engine, suspension, brakes, wheel size, gearing, enduro tyres, side stands and skid plates, making both the KX250XC and KX450XC more attractive for cross-country competitors.

The 450

XC Highlights shared by both models:
·        Optimised engine maps deliver the ideal amount of useable power for XC riding situations
·        Large Diameter brakes with XC specific pads
·        Race ready suspension directly from the KX250 (for the KX250XC) and KX450 (for the KX450XC), with spring rates and damping settings optimised for XC riding
·        XC-specific wheels (F21”/R18”) and Dunlop AT81 enduro-type tyres are well-suited to the situations encountered in XC riding
·        51/13 final gearing (shorter than the 50/13 of the KX250 and KX450) facilitates rear wheel traction control in cross-country riding situations
·        KX factory-style skid plate and side stand are both standard equipment

450 looks awesome

Other race-winning features shared by both models:
·        Weight saving and high RPM performance thanks to MotoGP derived finger follower valve technology
·        Electric start making it as easy as pushing a button
·        Hydraulic clutch offering more direct feel and lighter lever action, plus race-long durability and reliability
·        Launch Control Mode gives riders the holeshot advantage
·        Exceptional ergonomics with adjustable handlebar and footpeg positions, plus a narrow frame and minimalistic bodywork
·        Plug-and-play engine mapping with DFI couplers (plugs) and precision tuning available when using the KX FI Calibration kit genuine accessory.

New 250 is ideal for XC

250XC is all new