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Leatt reveals 2020 gear

Leatt have unveiled their all-new 2020 off-road gear collection. The inventors of the Leatt-Brace® and producers of specialized, advanced protective gear, now offer head-to-knee protection including a complete apparel range of products for all off-road moto disciplines. The twenty/twenty apparel range has a completely new look and feel incorporating the latest fresh colourways for pants, jerseys and gloves, this includes the proud South African statement colorway, the Zebra! Helmets also combine the same colors whilst incorporating Leatt’s 360° Turbine Technology.


For the second year, the construction of the Leatt 5.5 Ultraweld jersey remains the same. Why? Because Leatt believes it’s the best in the business. Keeping the minimum amount of material in contact with the body is key for comfort and ventilation, that’s why a 3D 4-way stretch material with welded overlock stitching is used. The material is so flexible you can use it with or without a body protector underneath. The 4.5 Lite jersey is more of a traditional fit and the 4.5 X-Flow is for the very hottest of conditions. Sizes S – 3XL. Prices are from $39.99 – $69.99 USD/€42.99 – €69.99 EURO/£34.99 – £59.99GBP.


The 5.5 Ultraweld pants are completely new from the ankle up for twenty/twenty. Leatt have listened to their customers and believe they have built the best pants to meet rider needs. New lightweight and breathable Ripstop stretch material makes up over 95% of the construction for the best comfort and feel. Now added is a Full Grain Leather inner knee panel to work alongside the proven I.K.S (Inner Knee Brace System) to give the best bike grip and improved wear resistance in those critical areas. A completely new rear yolk gripper system means you won’t be caught with your pants down!

The 4.5 pants also get a complete makeover for twenty/twenty – a combination of Ripstop stretch material and X-Flow mesh panels means these are by no means a typical entry level pair of pants, by some standards these are top level! A new rear yoke and reinforced seat area, along with Leather inner knee panels improve comfort, fit, bike feel and longevity. Sizes 28” – 44” XS – 5XL. Prices are from $129.99 – $189.99 USD/€129.00 – €199.00 EURO/£109.99 – £169.99GBP.


The Leatt helmet range replicates the apparel line colourways for twenty/twenty but will also work well with other clothing brands should the customer choose. All models, from the cost effective 3.5 to the carbon 6.5, feature the same 360º Turbine Technology. This system uses small turbine-shaped discs made from an energy-absorbing material that can move in all directions, helping to reduce the risk of concussion by up to 30%, and rotational acceleration to the head and brain by up to 40%. All helmets are available in both ECE and DOT certification. Material construction for the 3.5 and 4.5 models is an injected Polymer, with the 5.5 being composite and the 6.5 full carbon fiber. Sizes XS – XXL. Prices are from $179.99 – $499.99 USD/€189.00 – €499.00 EURO/£135.00 – £359.99GBP.


The Leatt gloves get upgrades on all models for twenty/twenty, from the entry level 1.5 to the top of the range 4.5. Constantly developing new materials, not just for soft goods but for impact materials too, the 4.5 and 3.5 still comprise of market leading NanoGrip palm material, yet now have softer impact protection, whilst maintaining CE Certification. This, along with upgraded Velcro closure means comfort, protection and optimized feel. The 2.5 now gets a Velcro closure strap, for those that want that tight grip around the wrist and is made of MicronGrip palm material alongside the 1.5 GripR. The very popular 2.5 Windblock for those cold windy days remains unchanged. With 23 colors, there is something for everyone! Sizes S – XXL. Prices start from $26.99 – $56.99USD/€29.99 – €59.99EURO/£24.99 – £49.99GBP.


Being a global brand, Leatt understands the need for products that suit all markets. That’s why for twenty/twenty they have introduced 3 small but important consumer products that suit very different climates. The Race Cover Jacket is made from a lightweight, waterproof translucent material with large vent holes under the arms for those wet races and rides. When you need something lightweight and non-restrictive to wear for cold morning practice sessions, the Race Vest or Race Vest Lite could be just what you are looking for. The Race Vest is a soft-shell waterproof stretch material with 4 pockets and a specially tailored neck to ensure the collar doesn’t irritate. For something super lightweight with similar features made from 4-way stretch with just 1 pocket, the Race Vest Lite will be perfect. Sizes S – XXL. Race Cover Jacket $19.99USD/€19.99EURO/£19.99GBP. Race Vest $49.99USD/€49.99EURO/£42.99GBP. Race Vest Lite £49.99USD/€49.99EURO/£42.99GBP


Junior riders want to emulate their heroes, so that’s why Leatt uses the same cool designs as the adult collection. With pants, jerseys and gloves starting at size XXS, there is sure to be a size to fit every junior or mini pilot. Super lightweight yet durable stretch materials are used in the pants and jerseys. The 3.5 gloves have CE Certified impact protection in the knuckle area for those flying rocks, posts or branches – some peace of mind for the parents. The helmet range consists of the 3.5 and 4.5, both made from a polymer compound material and use the same 360º Turbine Technology as in the adults. This system uses small turbine-shaped discs made from an energy-absorbing material that can move in all directions, helping to reduce the risk of impact at concussion level by up to 30%, and rotational acceleration to the head and brain by up to 40%. Both helmets are available in both ECE and DOT certification. Sizes Gear XXS – XL/Gloves XXS – L/Helmets M-L. Jersey prices are from $23.99 – $25.99USD/€24.99 – €27.99EURO/£17.99 – £19.99GBP. Pant prices are from $64.99 – $84.99USD/€69.99 – €89.99EURO/£49.99 – £64.99GBP. Glove prices from $18.99 – $27.99USD/€19.99 – €29.99EURO/£13.99 – £21.99GBP. Helmet prices from $149.99 – $179.99USD/€159.00 – 199.00EURO/£110.00 – £149.00GBP.