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Lung surgery for Anstie

Max Anstie underwent surgery after he had a spontaneous pneumothorax – collapsed lung – while out riding although he didn’t crash.

USA-based Briton Anstie said he had been out riding but didn’t crash, then sudden felt like he was getting stabbed in the chest and in my back.

“The doctor said I have these air blebs, like blisters on my lungs. They said it’s common in athletic males. They said, as I’ve grown and trained at a younger age, my chest has grown and stretching my lungs and caused these blisters.

“I thought it would’ve been to do with, because I punctured my lung last year at Lommel GP, well actually in Italy, but I crashed (again) in Lommel. But apparently it has nothing to do with that. 

“Hopefully now I don’t get another one of these, especially on this left side. The doctor even said that they’re on my right side, but I could go my whole life and never have an issue.” 

He expects to be back training again slowly within a couple weeks.