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Moffat leads tributes to Thomas Brown

Pro racer Matt Moffat has led a raft of tributes from fellow racers to 27-year-old Thomas Brown who was killed in a crash while practicing on Sunday at Sedgefield in County Durham in an incident that made national news. There have even been flowers placed at the track where he was killed.

Moffat said: “I have spent some good times with Thomas – The Real TB and have some awesome memories that he has left. He died doing what he loved riding his bike, he was a top mate and will be sadly missed.

“He was a loveable character. He had a big following and loved his racing. He raced as a teenager with his mum taking him to some events until he could drive.

“He raced for fun, never to be serious. He would always help anyone out, and was always asking people to race his bike – especially the 125  he bought off Davy Pootjes, the Dutch 125 champion. He just wanted to be there and have a good time.

“Tom made a lot of friends throughout the racing from novices to GP riders and followed them with great interest.

“He was a Farmer’s son but worked in the quarrying industry. Always one for a laugh and a joke, he never took life too seriously and he enjoyed everything that he did. In fact if you could cram into a life what Tom had done and enjoyed, you would be happy.

“He will leave behind a lot of sad people from all around and it has shown on social media that he was well thought of. He will be sadly missed – especially in Blackpool – where he used to spend his time recharging for his next escapade.

Rest in Peace TB. One of the top guys, Snapchat will not be the same without him.

“Everyone’s thoughts go out to his mum and father, his two 2 sisters, and his girl Friend and close family.”

Flowers at the track where he crashed
Flowers at the track where he crashed

Apico Husqvarna’s Jamie Law said: “TB – loved life, winding people up and stripping. Whether it was stripping his factory 125 every 10 hours or the girls in Blackpool! Never a dull moment with TB around. The only man I know who went racing to save money – he spent more going partying! It was a pleasure to call him a ‘Marra’ (mate). Cheers TB.”

Former British champion Brad Anderson posted a photo of himself with Tom and said: “Tom loved to party. His favourite place was Blackpool.

“He loved calling me Andos. The boy would do anything for you – he was a hard worker. Did loads of hours so he could ride at the weekend. We had some good times going away riding. TB – the real Tom Brown – will be missed. Top lad.”

And KTM GP rider Ben Watson said: “Rest in peace Tom Brown. One of my biggest supporters, from having his bike the same as mine, to walking round in my team jackets, the good luck texts before my races and the funny Snapchats. You’ll be missed.”

A funding page has been set up in his memory at

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