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New Renthal R3 chain

By Renthal. New Renthal R3 chains are specially developed utilising Renthal’s SRS technology to increase the service life. The special SRS seal is pre-loaded during assembly, creating a spring effect. As a chain wears, conventional O-rings and X-rings loosen their seal whereas the SRS has the inherent ability to regulate a constant sealing pressure against the side plates throughout the life of the chain. This offers increased longevity, as the specially formulated grease remains encapsulated around the critical pin and bushing area longer whilst preventing ingress of dirt, water and other contaminants. Key features of the chain include:

  • Shot-peened alloy steel side plates for high tensile strength and maximum impact load resistance.
  • Nitrile Self Regulating Seals (SRS) retain a special vacuum injected grease around the critical pin and bush area, which extends the life of the chain.
  • High carbon alloy steel bearing pins for excellent prolonged resistance to wear, for both road and off road riding conditions.
  • Special finish: Gold coloured side plates and copper rollers prevent corrosion.
  • Most perfectly matched chain for Renthal Chainwheels allowing maximum power at the rear wheel. This also extends the life of both the chain and Chainwheels.

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