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Nicoll gives e-bike first National win

Briton Kurt Nicoll has made history by giving an electric bike its first National-level win against conventional bikes in the USA. He took the Alta Motors Redshift e-bike to victory in the Vet class at the EnduroCross race in Scottsdale, Arizona.

“I don’t miss having a clutch. The main advantage the Alta has over the gas bike is that the power is absolutely instant, and when you’re stuck in the rocks or the matrix, you need that power,” said Nicoll.

Alta Motors has been developing their Redshift electric bike since 2010 and began production of the Redshift MX this year. Alta says the bike is ideal for EnduroCross as it gives finer throttle control, better traction and the consistent delivery of peak torque from 0-35mph of its 65mph top speed. This is all without a clutch or traditional transmission, freeing the rider to concentrate on riding the course and not the bike.

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