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Pastrana injured in base jump accident

Travis Pastrana has broken suffered a broken L5 verterbra, multiple breaks to his pelvis and other injuries while working as a stuntman on a film being shot in Florida. The former AMA champ Pastrana base jumped off the top of a hotel with a parachute, but it deployed later than planned. He has already had surgery and is expected to make a full recovery.

He posted on social media: “I had the opportunity to BASE jump a very easy set up from a tall building with a big landing. Had the best in the business out here giving me the best advice but a series of unfortunate events led to me being in a bad place. Usually I shine when shit hits the fan, but it was me that “hit the fan” this time. I will make a full recovery. Thanks for the well wishes.

“Probably have to use a catheter like @johnnyknoxville for a while.. all in all though, for as many bad decisions as I made under canopy, I’m happy it didn’t go worse. My thanks to the building owner.. we will make it look awesome.. And my apologies to the BASE jumping community for making it harder to have fun off awesome objects. “