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Rizzi heads Michelin Cup

The MX Nationals Michelin Cup was launched in 2015 and won by Heads and All Threads Suzuki rider Graeme Irwin. In 2016 it was won by SW85 rider Ike Carter and, last year it was Rossi Beard who took home the spoils, claiming the championship on the very last race by just two points.

This is a championship that is open to any Michelin-shod rider at the Michelin MX Nationals. The format is straightforward as, no matter the class or rider, the winner is simply the Michelin competitor with the most points at the end of the season. The system is based on points scored on the Sunday of each round only; two races per class. This open and no-nonsense approach means that youngsters competing in the lowest capacity class, the SW85, can actually race against the world class Pro riders for the same prize!

As well as winning the impressive Michelin Cup, the first prize includes a full tyre sponsorship package from Michelin with 12 rear tyres and six fronts, as well as a host of Michelin goodies. Second prize will be six rear and four front tyres, and third will provide four rears and two fronts. Michelin will also present some individual round by round spot prizes.

At the halfway point, Team RFX Crescent’s MXY1 rider Joel Rizzi is leading the charge ahead of Clubman MX1 Aiden Christie and Expert MX2 Josh Coleman.

After three rounds, the 2018 MX Nationals Michelin Cup championship points are;

1. Joel Rizzi MXY1, 144 points
2. Aiden Christie Clubman MX1, 129
3. Guy Prince Clubman MX1, 118
4. Josh Coleman Expert MX2, 117
5. Kyle McNicol MXY1,105
6. Jamie McCarthy Clubman MX1, 104
7. Josh Peters MXY2, 100
8. Ryan Houghton Pro MX1, 98
9. Charlie Reynolds SW85, 97
10. Zac Stealey Expert MX1, 93
11. Bobby Bruce MXY1, 91
12. Henry Williams Expert MX2, 88
13. Lewis Tombs Pro MX2, 87
14. Josh Bentley Expert MX1, 82
15. Gert Krestinov Pro MX1, 82

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