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Alta reveals electric enduro bike

Electric bike pioneers Alta has unveiled its first high-spec enduro bike, the 2019 Redshift EXR. It’s based on the top-of-the-range MXR and was recently raced in the Erzberg Rodeo, where it became the first electric bike to make it to the main event at the hands of Ty Tremaine.

Meet The EXR from Alta Motors on Vimeo.

The bike will be street legal, make 71mph top speed and the charge time is just 90 minutes. It puts out the equivalent of 50hp and weighs 124kg, so it not much heavier than most four-strokes.

The Alta is the silent bike you can ride to the trails on then shred!

On the street, Alta says it has a range of roughly 50 miles on a single charge. On dirt it can be used for around four hours of trail riding or three 25-minute motos. And of course, there’s no engine noise. The US price is $12,495 and although there is no official UK importer yet, this may change very soon! More details on the bike from Alta Motors.

Alta made history in the Red Bull Straight Rhythm when Josh Hill beat some factory bikes in head-to-head races. With the event going two-stroke only this year, the bike has been given special dispensation to race against the smokers!

Full road legal kit comes stock but will be easy to remove for off-road action




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