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Searle snags Saturday Supercross win

Former British champion Tommy Searle took the win in the Supercross at the first-ever Action Sports Music Live event at the South of England Showground in West Sussex on Saturday.

Searle, Steven Clarke, Matt Bayliss, Jack Brunell, James Dunn, Chris Bayliss and a-returning-from-injury Jordan Booker were the select seven in the frame. They all clearly enjoyed racing on the super-tight, technically-challenging short and sharp circuit, put together by ace track-builder Alfie Smith.

Supercross riders meet the fans (l-to-r); Jack Brunell, Chris Bayliss, Steven Clarke, Tommy Searle, Jordan Booker, Matt Bayliss, James Dunn.

Seven heats catered for the seven riders, and each rider had a chance to take the ‘prime’ inside gate slot. That position didn’t always prove to be most favourable though as demonstrated by arenacross-specialist Matt Bayliss on a couple of occasions.

Heading into the finals, and Searle and Clarke tied on points from the heats. Naturally, the truly-professional way to determine the finals gate pick was a quick game of scissors, paper, rock! Needless to say, Searle took the win.

Searle’s racing pedigree shone through in the final. Whilst Bayliss took the holeshot, Kawaski-mounted Searle knew just when to make the right move and make it stick, which he did at the halfway point. He never looked back.

Searle said: “I really enjoyed myself today. Great banter with the other guys and good fun. It’s a really nice event and I hope it works out well for Mark (Chamberlain). I’m glad I came.”

Heat 1; Bayliss (Matt), Clarke, Brunell, Booker
Heat 2; Brunell, Booker, Bayliss (Chris), Dunn
Heat3; Clarke, Searle, Dunn, Bayliss (Chris)
Heat4; Clarke, Searle, Bayliss (Matt), Booker
Heat 5; Bayliss (Matt), Brunell, Booker, Dunn
Heat 6; Searle, Brunell, Dunn, Bayliss (Chris)
Heat 7; Seale, Clarke, Bayliss (Matt)

Final B; Dunn, Bayliss (Chris), Booker (DNF)

Final A; Searle, Bayliss (Matt), Clarke, Brunell 

Photos by Nuno Laranjeira

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