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The Supercross Sick List!

American supercross is a hard and unforgiving sport and a little mistake can have a rider sitting on the sideline in a blink of an eye. As Jason Anderson goes to extend his series lead at Arlington on Saturday while Justin Barcia and Marvin Musquin play catch-up, here’s a current list of the wounded and whether they plan to race.

Justin Bogle is out after getting landed on at San Diego which broke his humorous in his arm and gave him a small fracture in his L2 vertebrae. He has had surgery, but the team are unsure when he will be able to make a return to racing at this time. 

Ken Roczen is out after putting his hand in the back wheel of Cooper Webb’s Yamaha last week. He’s broken a bone in his right hand and is going for surgery today (Friday) with same same doctor who worked wonders on his left arm last year. You can bet he will be working hard to get back on the track, but when and where that will be is anyone’s guess at the moment.

Josh Hansen is yet to decide if he will race this weekend as he broke his foot at last year’s Monster Energy Cup and hasn’t raced at all this year. It was said he would ride at San Diego, but it was decided he wouldn’t at the last minute so perhaps he will Saturday.

 Tyler Bowers is back from broken little finger, some broken ribs, sprained wrist and bruised shoulder and lung. He had a go at the last round in San Diego and is planning to do the same this weekend at Arlington.

Jake Weimer is out. He had just returned to racing after sustaining serious injuries practicing before the season had even started but after a crash at San Diego he broke two metacarpals on the top of his hand and will be out for quite a while.

Matt Bisceglia is out with broken ribs he got at Glendale and sat out Oakland and San Diego. He did hope to be back this weekend but his still not fit to race.

Tyler Enticknap is out for this weekend and the foreseeable future after breaking his pelvis in three places while out practicing. Ouch.

Fredrick Noren is out after he tore some ligaments in his hand and a recurring knee ligament problems. It’s unlikely he will be seen for the rest of the year.

Alex Ray is back in despite a huge gash in his shin after failing to land on of the big triples at San Diego. He is attempting to race Saturday.

Dakota Tedder is in even after hitting the deck hard with another rider at San Diego. His team reported that he was “banged up, burned, bruised, swollen and pissed-off” but will attempt to ride this round

In the 250 class, Alex Martin is out after crashing in his 450 heat at San Diego, though he did finish the race and qualified. He lined up for the main with a hand the could hardly hold the bars and pulled out of the track after the parade lap before the start gate had even dropped. No bones were broken but he has a severe sprain. He hopes to be back for the next 250SX West race.

Austin Forkner is in. He broke a collarbone and wrist last November and is ready to go this weekend.

Justin Cooper is out. He broke nine ribs, hurt his shoulder and was concussed at Houston and is looking to be back at Seattle.

Justin Hoeft is out after braking both his feet in a nasty looking crash at San Diego. He will be having surgery Tuesday and will be out of racing for the foreseeable future.

Colt Nichols is in this weekend after breaking his upper arm last December.

Mitch Oldenburg is out. He has been suffering with upper arm pain after going down in practice at Glendale. He missed San Diego after a hard crash at Oakland and hope to be ready when the west region resumes racing.

Jayce Pennington is in after being declared fit following a broken scaphoid last December.

Austin Root is out as he was trying to get through the pain of an Arenacross crash with what were thought to be minor injuries. On closer inspection it was found he had been racing with two broken collarbones and a fractured sternum and that will take two of three months to mend.

Blake Wharton is out because of a practice crash before racing started put him behind in his training and fitness regime and he hopes to return in the next round.

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