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Suzuki MXGP squad stays with ETS race fuel

Suzuki World MXGP and ETS Racing Fuels have renewed their long-term partnership for 2017 and beyond. Work between the team and ETS started in early 2000 with Sylvain Geboers working closely together to develop and create racing fuels that improved engine performance; and now with Stefan Everts talking over as the team’s General Manager, both parties will continue to work on their partnership.

ETS Racing Fuels and the Suzuki team started working together when Michael Pichon was racing. Geboers and Frank Schroyen, Pichon’s mechanic at that time, worked closely together with Bruno Philippon (ETS Racing Fuels Technical Director) on developing and improving the racing fuel for the RM-Z450 machinery. Together, they achieved two world titles with Pichon and another in 2007 with Steve Ramon.

Everts and Schroyen, who will be the team’s chief mechanic next season, recently visited the ETS Racing Fuels facility in Bourgtheroulde, France. “It was a good reunion,” said Schroyen. “I have been working with ETS Racing Fuels for over a decade now and it was nice to see them all again in their great facility.”

Said Everts: “This has been a long and important partnership for the team and I’m happy to continue it for many years to come. Both sides have decades of work experience and knowledge of improving the bike’s engine performance by using the ETS Racing Fuels and this is something we will work closely together on for 2017.”

Yann Labia, HCS Group Motorsport Products Manager, said: “Suzuki MXGP is one of our longest technical partners and it was great having Frank and Stefan visit us at one of our plants. Suzuki was the only one giving interest to our developments when we were trying to penetrate the motocross racing market 15 years ago by offering more engine reliability and performance increases, thanks to the supply of our tailor-made racing fuels. Without the trust Suzuki gave to us at that time, our current great success in the MX racing industry would have been different. One of the ETS values is that we never forget people who helped us and therefore we are more than happy to keep on with our partnership for many years.”

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