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Tested: Moto Master brakes – Master your braking

Moto Master brake parts give more power but lots of feel to your stoppers.

The Moto Master brakes work well and improve feel

To go fast, you’ve got to be able stop quickly. And Dutch- based company Moto Master has been producing high quality products to help you do just that for years. Moto Master always strive to have an edge on rival brands due to the company having a slightly oversized disc or a slight different design concept. Moto Master have still found the edge for improving over stock by using hardened stainless steel Flame rotors that are laser-cut, CNC-drilled, then surface-machined to provide the improved stopping power. It’s not all about ultimate stopping power and I’ve always realised the importance of braking feel.

Get on the brakes on hard pack and you need a good feel

Having a great feel to the brakes means you can push harder and faster on the approach to the turns – leaving your braking to the last minute. Replacing the stock discs with Moto Master kit not only helped with ultimate stopping power but also the feel at the lever is good too. I really rate these brakes due to the progressive feel and sharp – but not too sharp – response.

The kit for 65 and 85 Husky and KTM will be popular

Moto Master has stepped up the game for youth riders by producing an awesome rear after market braking kit for the 65 and 85 KTM and Husqvarna. If you’ve owned one of these bikes, you are likely to have been frustrated by the stock system for sure.

Workmanship on the caliper is awesome

First published MotoHead Issue 29

By Dave Willet. Photos by Adam Duckworth