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Ultimate Xmas gift for the old-school MX fan!

To a lot of people, the late 1980s until the first few years of the new millennium remain the greatest time for our sport. And legendary lensman Ray Mayes was there to document lots of GPs and British championship races at the time.

His new book has 70 high-quality colour pages crammed with lots of photos of the stars. And many of the shots have never been seen before as they are right out of Ray’s vast archive.

The photos are a who’s who of international and UK MX, including Dave Thorpe, Jared Smith, Donny Schmit, Jeff Stanton,  Kurt Nicoll, Rob Herring, Tyla Rattray, Dirk Geukens, Pekka Vehkonen, Christian Burnham, Georges Jobe, Joel Smets, Greg Albertyn, Johan Boonen, Mike Kiedrowski, Jacky Martens, Pit Beirer, Dave Watson, Stefan Everts, Trampas Parker, Pedro Tragter, Alex Puzar, Bob Moore, Mike Healey, Mickey Dymond, Scott Sheak, Ryan Hughes, Marnicq Bervoets, Jamie Dobb, Ricky Carmichael, Steve Ramon, Travis Pastrana, Michael Pichion, Grant Langston… the list goes on.

But it’s not just photos as there are stories by Gordon Crockard, Roger Harvey, Pail Malin, Paul Cooper, Rob Andrews, Stuart Flockhart and more. It costs £24.99 plus £3 P&P in the UK from HERE.