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Peick hurt as Anderson takes Paris

Reigning US Supercross champion Jason Anderson won the Paris Supercross event this weekend, just a few days after winning in Sydney. Second at Paris, local hero Dylan Ferrandis got a huge support from the fans to get a podium result between Anderson and Zach Osborne in front of 33,000 spectators in the modern Paris La Defense Arena.

They’re off in the SX1 final

But it was disaster for JGR Suzuki man Weston Peick as he crashed and was landed on. Peick collided with Dylan Ferrandis and was then landed on by Cedric Soubeyras. Peick was rushed to hospital with head injuries but it’s reported there are no brain injuries. just damage to his face. He will need surgery and is set to stay in France for at leats a week to recover.

The racing was all about Anderson who just missed two wins in the six races of the program. Twice winner of the main event, he was defeated in the second sprint race on Saturday by French hero Dylan Ferrandis, and in the first sprint race on Sunday by Zach Osborne. But with four wins and two third positions Jason had by far the lowest score points, to become the new King of Paris.

Anderson was on top form

Just a month after winning the Marseille Supercross in his first race on a 450 since a long time, Ferrandis got a podium result each night to finish runner up in the overall classification. Dylan was fast and consistent all weekend long, winning the second Sprint race on Saturday – but later losing time with a crash on Sunday in the first Sprint race. Fourth and second in the main events, Dylan was the only Frenchie able to contest the US domination with four riders in the final top five. Third overall Zach Osborne also got great results for one if his first race in the 450 class, but unfortunately lost all his chances with a puncture in the main event on Sunday. Fourth and fifth Vince Friese and Justin Brayton helped the US Team to win the Nations classification, to dedicate this trophy to Weston Peick.

The podium celebrations were detuned as everyone thought of injured Peick

Americans also dominated the SX2 category, just missing two heat wins on Sunday. Winner of three races and runner up in the three others Jace Owen (1/2/1 and 2/1/2) is the new Prince of Paris, follow by Cameron McAdoo (4/1/3 et 3/2/5) and Frenchmen Adrien Escoffier (2/4/2 and 5/3/3) and Thomas Do (6//3/6 and 6/4/1) who are both racing for the French SX2 title. Valentin Guillod crashed out and was concussed, but luckily no  bones were broken.


Jason Anderson said“The race was tough with some close racing on both nights and I’m happy with the overall win. The motos were short and I had to work a bit harder to make things happen. My lap times were not that good in qualifying and the superpole, but I was very happy with my speed in the motos and that’s what matters the most. I showed some good racecraft this weekend and that’s positive. I’m heading back to the US now. I hope I can come back even stronger for A1.”

Ferrandis was fastest Frenchie

Zach Osborne said“It was my first race as an official 450 rider and I felt really good on my new bike. Overall, it’s been a really positive weekend for me and it was good to get third in the overall. In the last moto on Sunday I was running in second but had a flat tyre that dropped me behind. I have a very positive feeling so far in this off-season and I’m looking forward to the Geneva Supercross in two weeks time. I believe the track over in Geneva will suit my style more and I can battle for some good results there.”

Owen was quick in the 250s

SX1 results Saturday

Sprint 1 : 1.Anderson ; 2.Peick ; 3.Ferrandis ; 4.Friese ; 5.Hill; etc…

Sprint 2 : 1.Ferrandis ; 2.Osborne ; 3.Anderson ; 4.Peick ; 5.Friese; etc….

Main event : 1.Anderson ; 2.Osborne ; 3.Brayton ; 4.Ferrandis ; 5.Tixier ; 6.Friese ; 7.Hill ; 8.Aranda ; 9.Izoird ; 10.Aubin ; etc…

Podium of the night : 1.Anderson, 5pts ; 2.Ferrandis, 8 ; 3.Osborne, 10 ; etc..

SX1 results Sunday

Sprint 1 : 1.Osborne ; 2.Friese ; 3.Anderson ; ; 4.Brayton ; 5.Soubeyras; etc…

Sprint 2 : 1.Anderson ; 2.Osborne ; 3.Brayton; 4.Ferrandis ; 5.Friese; etc….

Main event : 1.Anderson ; 2.Ferrandis ; 3.Brayton ; 4.Friese ; 5.Hill ; 6.Tixier ; 7.Soubeyras ; 8.Teillet ; 9.Bowen ; 10.Boog; etc…

King of Paris : 1.Anderson, 10pts ; 2.Ferrandis, 24 ; 3.Osborne, 25 ; 4.Friese, 26 ; 5.Brayton, 28 ; 6.Tixier, 48 ; 7.Hill, 49 ; 8.Soubeyras, 56 ; 9.Izoird, 62 ; 10.Lamay, ; 66 ; etc..

SX2 results Saturday

Sprint 1 : 1.Owen ; 2.Escoffier ; 3.Bourdon ; 4.McAdoo ; 5.Moreau ; etc…

Sprint 2 : 1.McAdoo ; 2.Owen ; 3.Do ; 4.Escoffier ; 5.Bourdon ; etc…

Finale : 1.Owen ; 2.Escoffier ; 3.McAdoo ; 4.Lozzi ; 5.Moreau ; 6.Do ; 7.Camporese ; 8.Bourdon ; 9.Fonvieille ; 10.Dore; etc…

Podium of the night : 1.Owen, 4pts ; 2.Escoffier, 8 ; 3.McAdoo, 8 ; etc…

SX2 results Sunday

Sprint 1 : 1.Bourdon ; 2.Owen ; 3.McAdoo ; 4.Lozzi; 5.Escoffier ; etc…

Sprint 2 : 1.Owen ; 2.McAdoo ; 3.Escoffier ; 4.Do ; 5.Roussaly; etc…

Finale : 1.Do ; 2.Owen ; 3.Escoffier ; 4.Roussaly ; 5.McAdoo ; 6.Bourdon ; 7.Lozzi ; 8.Moreau ; 9.Fonvieille ; 10.Dore; etc…

Podium of the night : 1. Owen ; 2.McAdoo ; 3.Do ; etc…

Prince of Paris : 1.Owen, 9pts ; 2.McAdoo, 18 ; 3.Escoffier, 19 ; 4.Do, 26 ; 5.Bourdon, 36 ; etc….

All results available on :

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