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Adamo clinches EMX150 title

The riders in the Honda 150 European Championship have made significant progress across the five rounds that have been run this season. That was evident during the final race of the season, which was held at the Dutch circuit of Assen this weekend, as brilliant battles raged on throughout the field.

Andrea Adamo was right at the heart of those on-track fights, as he charged through the pack from outside of the top ten and claimed the title aboard his CRF150R. Adamo, who has shown a tremendous amount of raw speed thus far, claimed pole position at every round and won seven of the races that have been run. Although he was dealt some poor luck along the way, he showed tenacity each time and rebounded in a professional manner. That helped him claim the championship on the world’s greatest stage and in front of a packed grandstand.

There were countless celebrations across the road-race facility, as Kjeld Stuurman won a race for the first time. That was not enough to topple Andrea Adamo, however, as the fifth place that the new champion salvaged in the race was enough for him to claim his third overall victory of the season. Stuurman took second overall and was joined on the podium by Anton Nordstrom-Graaf, who put in a valiant effort for third in the second moto. That was also enough for him to clinch the runner-up position in the final championship standings.

Luis Outeiro finished fourth overall at the round of The Netherlands and claimed the bronze medal in the series standings, following a consistent campaign. The Portuguese star finished on the podium in eight of the ten races that were run, much to the delight of his fan club, but narrowly missed out on that elusive victory.

Andrea Adamo in the after race press conference said: I am very, very happy. I had a good rhythm on the track and great race. I am very happy to take this championship. Thanks to my team, sponsors, friends and family.

Gordon Crockard, Honda Europe Off-Road Manager said: The championship went to the outright winner, Andrea Adamo. I was very pleased to see him ride a calculated race. I was really happy to see the young rider, Kjeld Stuurman, take the race win too. All of the wildcard riders did exceptionally well, seeing as they came into the series so late. It was good to see some new faces at the front and Andrea winning the championship was superb. I’m very, very happy and pleased with his performance; he has a great future ahead of him. All of the other riders did very well. It was good to see all of the parents so enthusiastic and supporting their children after the long season that they have had. I really enjoyed it.

Honda EMX150 Race 1 Top Ten: 1. Andrea Adamo (ITA, Honda), 27:10.306; 2. Dave Kooiker (NED, Honda), +0:01.066; 3. Luis Outeiro (POR, Honda), +0:05.975; 4. Anton Nordström Graaf (SWE, Honda), +0:38.019; 5. Toa Kishi (JPN, Honda), +0:53.513; 6. Lynn Valk (NED, Honda), +0:59.651; 7. Kjeld Stuurman (NED, Honda), +1:06.265; 8. Rasmus Moen (SWE, Honda), +1:07.207; 9. Dylan Kroon (NED, Honda), -1 lap(s); 10. Melwin Bengtson (SWE, Honda), -1 lap(s).

Honda EMX150 Race 2 Top Ten: 1. Kjeld Stuurman (NED, Honda), 25:22.996; 2. Dylan Kroon (NED, Honda), +0:03.978; 3. Anton Nordström Graaf (SWE, Honda), +0:13.456; 4. Luis Outeiro (POR, Honda), +0:17.529; 5. Andrea Adamo (ITA, Honda), +0:23.297; 6. Lynn Valk (NED, Honda), +0:27.012; 7. Cas Valk

Honda EMX150 Overall Top Ten: 1. Andrea Adamo (ITA, HON), 41 points; 2. Kjeld Stuurman (NED, HON), 39 p.; 3. Anton Nordström Graaf (SWE, HON), 38 p.; 4. Luis Outeiro (POR, HON), 38 p.; 5. Dylan Kroon (NED, HON), 34 p.; 6. Dave Kooiker (NED, HON), 33 p.; 7. Lynn Valk (NED, HON), 30 p.; 8. Toa Kishi (JPN, HON), 23 p.; 9. Melwin Bengtson (SWE, HON), 20 p.; 10. Magnus Vassgaard (NOR, HON), 19 p.

Honda EMX150 Championship Top 10: 1. Andrea Adamo (ITA, HON), 217 points; 2. Anton Nordström Graaf (SWE, HON), 210 p.; 3. Luis Outeiro (POR, HON), 194 p.; 4. Kjeld Stuurman (NED, HON), 169 p.; 5. Lynn Valk (NED, HON), 151 p.; 6. Rasmus Moen (SWE, HON), 137 p.; 7. Toa Kishi (JPN, HON), 122 p.; 8. Senne Hermans (BEL, HON), 94 p.; 9. Magnus Vassgaard (NOR, HON), 84 p.; 10. Nikolay Malinov (BUL, HON), 75 p.

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