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Alpinestars 2018 youth kit

On our recent 2018 KTM 85 launch in the UK at Apex we sent out our youth riders to test the new bike and also freshened them up with the latest 2018 Alpinestars kit from head to toe. After a first couple of sessions in KTM-branded kit and the temperatures rose, we got them to switch to the 2018 Alpinestars which as you can image, they were super pumped about.

The first impressions are always the most interesting and the boys all stated how much they loved the designs of the kit and boots. They normally race in Alpinestars Tech 7 boots, the most popular for youth racers. They love the bike feel these boots offer and they all said how comfortable the boots are. Protection is excellent and the dads all mentioned how durable the boots are compared to others on the market. Good value for money! We also gave them some Tech 10s to try but as they were brand new, it was safer to ride in the Tech 7s until they are broken in. We’ll report on how they get on soon.


They riders all mentioned how they liked the kit design and felt it offered a comfortable fit. The main comment was how good the ventilation was as they all felt cooler when wearing the kit. They all said it felt better and had better air flow to the body compared to the kit they’d worn earlier in the day. And they felt the Alpinestars kit allowed them to move much better.



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