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Tested: Troy Lee Designs 2018 GP Air kit

By Dave Willet

One brand which doesn’t need any stamp of approval of coolness is Troy Lee Design as the company hits the mark every year. TLD have been style leaders for years now and there is no signs of this slowing down.

Troy Lee don’t just want to provide us with the right image but also protect us to the fullest. The company made a big statement this year by introducing the MIPS to the their helmet range as they continue to strive forward.


I’ve recently been using a set of their GP Air race kit. This kit is pretty cool and you can swap different design race shirts, which match the same race trousers. The plain trousers match a lot of different tops so you can have a fresh look for each moto without dropping too much cash. It’s a great idea and the kit feels mega.

The GP Air fits well and has a nice feel. It’s a race shirt which is designed for lots of air flow and it does keep you cool out on track, that’s for sure. This is down to the micro mesh fibre polyester material used, which if I’m honest doesn’t initially feel too durable as it’s vented but it’s been proven to be more durable then I thought. I’ve had a few slip offs of late it’s held up well, even in muddy conditions with mud hanging from the top.


I’ve been using the GP Air race top a lot of late as I like to keep cool when when riding and the GP Air keeps you fresh on track. I personally can’t ride with lots of layers on so the air top suits me perfectly and I really like the styling too.

There is no question TLD are one of the top brands and it’s easy to see why. I’d highly recommend the GP Air kit as its good value for money.

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