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Campaign to save biker’s arm!

Well-known two-stroke rider Lance Marshall has launched a campaign to fund surgery to help save his son’s arm which was smashed in a motorcycle crash and now the NHS won’t fund the surgery. Vinnie-Jay has had 15 operations and the last one which would have given his arm its mobility back was cancelled as there was no funding. They have been given the options to either let his arm dangle and do nothing or amputate.

Lance – pictured at the Apico Two-Stroke Festival this year – said: “On the 26th May 2016, Vinnie-Jay had life threatening injuries. After being rushed to St. Thomas hospital in London. Vinnie underwent a 15-hour emergency surgery, Vinnie was put into an induced coma because he was so weak. The injuries that Vinnie sustained were Right Humorous open fracture with a Brachial Plexus injury. Peripheral Nerve Injury Vinnie-Jay also had severe Vascular trauma.

“Vinnie-Jay’s fracture was fixed by having an external fixed frame attached. Vinnie had to undergo several more operations because of the blood loss in his arm the surgeons had to cut out his muscles as it died. He also had to have several skin grafts to his right arm. He has been left with no movement in his arm, Vinnie-Jay’s surgeon Mr Anthony Macquillian is a specialist in Peripheral Nerve Injuries. As Vinnie has no movement in his arm he needs a “Free Muscle Transplant” operation. This will enable Vinnie to move his arm and lead a normal life again.

“Vinnie has come a long way working towards this very important, life changing operation. He has spent weeks staying in Stanmore hospital Middlesex for intensive physiotherapy. Travelling to London Bolsover Street clinic for his monthly Physiotherapy. Doing his upmost to give himself the best chance looking ahead for the future and his operation.

Back in August 2017 we were given the news that we had been waiting for, Vinnie-Jay could begin to get his life back on track as he had been put on the waiting list for his final operation to get his arm moving. However, in only a few short months later all our hopes for Vinnie’s full recovery were cruelly taken form us as the we had a phone call in November to say that NHS had cut the funding and Vinnie won’t get his operation. He was offered to have his arm amputated if he so wished or “leave his arm ‘dangling”!

“Mr Anthony Maquilan is the only surgeon in the Country that is able to perform the life changing operation that Vinnie so badly needs. The total cost to give Vinnie his life back is £45,000.00 this includes the operation time spent in the intensive care unit, as well as his Physiotherapy and after care. Please will you help us support Vinnie in getting the operation he so desperately needs. Any donation that you can give will be greatly appreciated and become a part of making our son’s life whole again.”

If you’d like to make a donation, you can do so HERE.

Photo by Scott Dunne.

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