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Canada Heights spill forces Major to quit

British championship MX1 privateer Patrick Major has decided to quit racing following his horrendous get-off at the Canada Heights British championship recently. He banged his head hard and suffered shoulder injuries in a crash that was captured on a phone and sent the internet into meltdown. He has posted the following statement:

“I’ve been quiet recently about where my injuries are at. Truth is when I hit my head it threw my mind out in a big way to the point where my mind will go blank for 3-4 hours. I’m still struggling today and my whole life seems to have turned upside down since that day.

“For 14 years I’ve committed myself to make something out of the sport I’ve loved. I’m at a huge cross roads in life where the amount of money and time that it takes to make something out of it just doesn’t seem to weigh in. Either I have the time to ride/ train and look after the bikes and there’s no money or vice versa.

“It’s for this reason along with the Physical aspect of my shoulder instability due to nerve damage that I will be taking some time away from the sport to reflect on where I want my next challenge to take me.

“I’ve met some fantastic people, and I will continue to see many of you whilst helping some of the riders I teach.  I hope one day in the not so far future to come back (with a small budget) to attend some club races and the odd national as and when time allows.

“For now I’ll hang my boots and go away to try and figure things out. Thanks to every single person who has ever bothered in any way to help me. Especially in the last 3 years they’ve been tough (a severe understatement).”

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