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Coulon takes Birmingham Arenacross glory

Frenchman Cyrille Coulon extended his lead in the UK Arenacross series after taking the win at the Genting Arena on Saturday night in Birmingham. SR75 World Suzuki’s Cyrille Coulon, the 34-year-old who proved that age isn’t an issue when it comes to Arenacross, started behind Keystone Honda’s Florent Richier, and picked his way past in the early stages of the race – he was never bettered. Behind him a hard-charging Brit in the shape of Jack Brunell, stayed strong throughout on his Team Green Kawasaki and was perfectly placed to take his first podium position of the season with a solid third. Coulon now takes the red plate to Belfast next weekend.

Blast off for the final!
Blast off for the final!

It was a bad night for reigning champ Thomas Ramette who went down on the first lap of the final. He remounted and made a heroic charge through to seventh place. And fellow Frenchman Cedric Soubeyras, one of the fastest riders all night, was left fuming after he was punted off the track. He took 10th in a final that saw seven French riders in the top 10.

Brunell ended on the podium
Brunell ended on the podium

I-Fly JK Yamaha’s Yannis Irsuti was an AX unknown prior to this season, but has firmly stamped his mark of authority on the Pro Lites category. He rode two flawless races to take the win and extend his championship lead.

Irsuti dominated the pro Lites
Irsuti dominated the pro Lites

In the youth groups, both Ben Clayton in the Superminis and Ashton Boughen in the Youth 65s maintained their winning ways and took maximum points and the championship lead in their respective classes.

Ben Clayton flies high over the finish line jump
Ben Clayton flies high over the finish line jump

The 2017 Arenacross Tour now heads across the Irish Sea to Belfast for the only double-header of the Tour at the The SSE Arena next Friday and Saturday, the 27th and 28th of January. Tickets are available via or by calling the box office on 0844 338 8000.

Pro Main
1. Cyrille Coulon, #5, SR75 World Suzuki, 20 points
2. Florent Richier, #2, Keystone Honda Racing, 18 points
3. Jack Brunell, #155, Team Green Kawasaki, 16 points
4. Angelo Pellegrini, #941, RFX St Blazey MX, 15 points
5. Adam Chatfield, #407, Buildbase Honda Racing, 14 points
6. Sulivan Jaulin, #211, 13 points
7. Thomas Ramette, #1, SR75 World Suzuki, 12 points
8. Gaetan Le Hir, #11, FRO Systems PAR Elite, 11 points
9. Adrien Escoffier, #10, MVR-D Husqvarna, 10 points
10. Cedric Soubeyras, #85, RFX St Blazey MX, 9 points
11. Hugo Basaula, #747, Team Green Kawasaki, 8 points

Pro Championship
1. Cyrille Coulon, 55 points
2. Angelo Pellegrini, 46 points
3. Florent Richier, 46 points
4. Adam Chatfield, 44 points
5. Jack Brunell, 43 points
6. Cedric Soubeyras, 42 points
7. Thomas Ramette, 41 points
8. Adrien Escoffier, 41 points
9. Hugo Basaula, 30 points
10. Matt Bayliss, Buildbase Honda Racing, 25 points

Team Championship
1. SR75 World Suzuki, 96
2. Team RFX St Blazey MX, 88
3. Team Green Kawasaki, 78
4. Buildbase Honda Racing, 73
5. Keystone Honda Racing, 48
6. MVR-D Husqvarna , 41
7. FRO Systems PAR Elite, 11
8. I-Fly JK Yamaha, 7

Pro Lites Overall
1. Yannis Irsuti, #170, I-Fly JK Yamaha, 40 points
2. Dylan Woodcock, #60, Team Green Kawasaki, 34 points
3. Joe Clayton, #14, Keystone Honda Racing, 31 poinits

Pro Lites Championship
1. Yannis Irsuit, #170, 115 points
2. Chris Bayliss, #259, Buildbase Honda Racing, 103 points
3. Dylan Woodcock, #60, 99 points

Supermini Overall
1. Ben Clayton, #4, 40 points
2. Bobby Bruce, #579, 36 points
3. Carl Osterman, #10, 32 points

Supermini Championship
1. Ben Clayton, #14, 118 points
2. Bobby Bruce, #579, 100 points
3. Louie Kessell, #7, 90 points

Youth 65cc Overall
1. Ashton Boughen, #2, 40 points
2. Shaun Mahoney, #11, 36 points
3. Ben Mustoe, #3, 32 points

Youth 65cc Championship
1. Ashton Boughen, #2, 118 points
2. Ben Mustoe, #3, 103 points
3. Freddie Bartlett, #292, 94 points

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