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Police target illegal Thetford riders


Norfolk & Suffolk Police and the Forestry Commission in East England are taking a very strong stance to anyone caught illegally riding on Forestry Commission Land in Thetford. Despite warnings, and the ACU earlier this year suspending a top Eastern Centre Motocross rider, some riders are still illegally riding causing damage to land and presenting a nuisance to other forest users.

Using covert cameras, information from social media, photos taken by forests users, and registrations obtained from vans and bikes etc, the Police have been issuing a number of Section 59 notices (using a vehicle in an anti-social manner). In addition to a warning, this can involve prosecution of the individual and the bike being seized and potentially crushed.

Recent evidence of illegal riding indicates the problem is wider than local ‘joy riders’ as it includes motocross, enduro and trail bike riders.

To make it perfectly clear, the only places in Thetford Forest where off road riding is permitted is at authorised tracks such as Hit the Dirt at Swaffham or the Norfolk and Suffolk Schoolboy Track at Hockham. Even then riding in at these venues is only permitted when they are open for an event or authorised practise day.  All other areas of forest including locations such as Two Mile Bottom or where the Diss Club run enduro events, is strictly no go. If you are trail riding – you must not deviate from authorised green lane routes.

The ACU has made their position very clear that any rider caught illegally riding or encouraging it on social media, will be subject to disciplinary action which may involve suspension of their licence. There are no excuses! The reputation and future of off road sport in East Anglia is being seriously affected by a few irresponsible individuals.

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