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For the workshop that has everything…

If you’re serious about servicing your suspension then take a look at Andreani’s new high-tech kit!  The SP5 is the newest, light and the most innovative vacuum pump that Andreani Group developed to make it easier, more precise and more efficient to fill shocks of any brand.

The SP5 is a fully electronic vacuum pump with a new generation software controlled by an easy-to-use and extremely efficient 7” touch screen display. The process is totally automated and you can follow it, step by step, thanks to its intuitive graphics. All the standards are managed by the advanced electronic system, including the oil level in the two inner tanks that are big enough to work with cars shock absorbers.

The SP5 can also be used in many different languages: with the menu you can choose English, French, Spanish, German and Italian.

On the top of the SP5 there is a tool compartment and on the sides, there are two practical handles that makes this vacuum pump easy to carry.

For more information: Andreani Group, Strada della Romagna 361, 61121 Pesaro (PU) Italy, phone + 39 0721 20921,,,

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