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Gilbert top Brit in EMX250 thriller

In a virtual replay of yesterday’s race, Briton Josh Gilbert got a mediocre start, crashed on the opening lap then staged a stunning ride past lots of slower riders on his way to a top ten overall finish in the EMX250 race at the British GP.

Gilbert picks himself up

Gilbert put on a stunning display as he carved through the field to snatch tenth on the final lap. That gave him eighth overall as top Briton.

Forato was awesome

The race was won by Italian Alberto Forato who took an easy double win on the Husky from Kevin Horgmo and Roan Van De Moosdijk. Stephen Rubini was fourth in the race but that gave him second overall.

Taylor Hammal had a solid ride

Taylor Hammal took 19th place in the moto after a solid performance while Alexander Brown, who for while tailed Gilbert, dropped down to 21st.

Alexander Brown tried hard

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