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Mewse masters muddy Marshfield

By Dick Law.

KTM team-mates of Graeme Irwin and Conrad Mewse stole the show at the Good Friday charity race at Marshfield, in memory of memory of both Mike Brown and Mark “Huck” Hucklebridge. The pair of GP riders won a race each and finished second to each other and finished the day level on points, but Mewse took the overall as he won moto two.

Yep, a bit muddy
Yep, a bit muddy

The real victory was that the event took place at all, as torrential rain turned the event into a mudbath on the track and in the paddock as many struggled to get into the venue. To say track conditions were testing would be an understatement as it was hard to stand on let alone rider a motocross machine, and that fact meant the lots of riders struggled so much that they didn’t go out in latter races. In fact, the last junior MX1 race had just two riders, and one of them was lapped.

This also meant that racing was called after the second block of six races as track conditions got worse and thoughts turned to getting people out of the now grassless paddock and carpark.

Marshals enjoyed the day!
Marshals enjoyed the day!

It was hard to follow the racing as after a lap, one brown muddy rider looked very much like another but at the end of the opening lap of the first Huck Cup race Irwin was in the lead from team mate Mewse. And that’s the way the top two stayed all race long.

Most impressive was Ryan Houghton as he slipped and slid his way to third place despite throwing off his goggles and the losing the peak of his crash helmet at about the halfway point. No mean feat riding like that and who knew he was so good in mud?

Houghton was impressive but visor less!
Houghton was impressive but visor less!

Luke Hawkings was fourth from Josh Waterman and Shane Carless who was having great fun, so he said.

Conrad Mewse won the final moto
Conrad Mewse won the final moto

Ex-GP rider Stephen Sword pulled out with two laps to go with the KTM he was riding boiled up, like so many others. The race also included former British champion Josh Coppins, now retired and running his own team in his native New Zealand. He found the conditions tough.

Swordy gets cleaned up
Swordy gets cleaned up

In race two Irwin didn’t get the start he was expecting which allowed team mate Mewse to get the holeshot, but he didn’t lead at turn three as someone who will remain nameless cut out turn two, and the jump and was in the lead. But what goes around comes around and he fell later in the lap.

Irwin cleaned up in the opener
Irwin cleaned up in the opener

For the rest of the 20 minute plus lap race Irwin did all he could to close the gap on Mewse but with two laps to go and after making a mistake on the race of one of the jumps he settled for second place.

The start of Huck cup race one and Shane Carless leads
The start of Huck cup race one and Shane Carless leads

Once again Houghton was third, this time with peak, with Todd Kellett fourth from Waterman, Carless and James Dobb and Sword who seemed to have got the hang of the KTM.

Conrad Mewse, Ryan Zebedee, Josh Waterman, and James Dodd have fun!
Conrad Mewse, Ryan Zebedee, Josh Waterman, and James Dodd have fun!

Mewse won the overall because of his higher place finish in the last race, from Irwin, Houghton, Waterman, Carless and Kellett.

Jetwash needed here!
Jetwash needed here!

In the Mike Brown memorial race James Baker took the overall with a second and a third from Cameron Cutis and Billy Saunders as race one winner Christian McGill failed to score in race two and race two winner Neil Long failed to score in race one.

There's a lovely two-stroke under there
There’s a lovely two-stroke under there

Mark Young won both expert races and the overall from James Lane and Troy Jones while in the seniors race two winner Kyle Proctor took the overall from race one winner Max Luckes with Jim French third.

Roddy Howard won the juniors MX1 from an unknown, to the lap-scores, rider with Edward Hennessy third overall.

With two wins, Tom Simpson won the junior MX2s from Stuart Harrow and Mark Sims.

Huck Cup:

1 Conrad Mewse (KTM) 54 + 60 = 114

2 Graeme Irwin (KTM) 60 + 54 = 114

3 Ryan Houghton (Yamaha) 50 + 50 = 100

4 Josh Waterman (KTM) 45 + 45 = 90

5 Shane Carless (Husqvarna) 43 + 43 = 89

6 Todd Kellett (KTM) 37 + 47 = 84

7 James Dobb (Husqvarna) 35 + 41 = 76

8 Stephen Sword (KTM) 25 + 39 = 64

9 Luke Hawkins (Honda) 47 + 0 = 47

10 Chuck Davies (Husqvarna) 41 + 0 = 41

Mike Brown Memorial:

1 James Baker (Kawasaki) 54 + 50 = 104

2 Cameron Curtis (Husqvarna) 47 + 54 = 101

3 Billy Saunders (KTM) 33 + 47 = 80

4 Shaun Willis (Honda) 35 + 45 = 80

5 Sam Mercer (Husqvarna) 37 + 43 = 80

6 Christian McGill (KTM) 60 + 0 = 60

7 Neil Long (Yamaha) 0 + 60 = 60

8 Ricky Britton (KTM) 50 + 0 =50

9 Mark Sterry (Kawasaki) 45 + 0 = 45

10 Rich Dors (Honda) 43 + 0 = 43

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