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Musquin takes the Lille double!

Factory KTM ace Marvin Musquin ran away with the second night of the Paris-Bercy Supercross at Lille, leading team France to overall victory over the USA and Rest of the World teams. It was the first French win since Christophe Pourcel led the team to victory ten years ago.

Just as he had on the opening day, Musquin took the lead at the start and was never remotely challenged as he romped to an easy win as his fellow AMA Supercross stars showed their true speed over the chasing Euros. He lapped up to eighth place to show his true dominance.

Musquin celebrates the win
Musquin celebrates the win

Just as he had done the night before, Suzuki new boy Justin Barcia took second place to take second overall. “Last night I rode better but I’m pretty pleased to be here again. I can’t ait to race Marvin again in Geneva soon,”

Barcia, riding a borrowed stock Suzuki with some aftermarket parts fitted, was gifted an easy second place when his nearest challenger Malcolm Stewart fell. Stewart, third on the opening night, came back to sixth place.

Barcia was second fastest all night! He couldn't match Musquin
Barcia was second fastest all night! He couldn’t match Musquin

Honda’s Christian Craig, fifth on the opening night after coming through the pack following a poor start, capitalised on Stewart’s mistake to take third place in the race. That meant he finished third overall in the class.

Frenchman Cedric Soubeyras took fourth place again, in front of fellow countryman Valentin Teillet.

Ex-world champ Romain Febvre, still not riding at his best after a crash in practice, only made the event after coming through the last chance qualifier but went down hard again in the final.

Tommy Searle was not on the pace of the front men
Tommy Searle was not on the pace of the front men

Brit Tommy Searle, who also only made it to the main event after winning the last chance race, didn’t get a great start and finished ninth. He was riding with an injured after clashing with Stewart in practice on Saturday. The only other Brit was Jack Brunell who missed the main by one place.

In the SX2 class, none of the Brits made it to the final. Closest was the Jake Nicholls who holeshot his heat but went over the bars in the whoops. He was battered and bruised with a damaged right hand but tried to ride the last chance qualifier. But he lost control and crashed out again, damaging the bike. “I got all whiskey throttle,” he said.


  1. Marvin Musquin
    2. Justin Barcia
    3. Christian Craig
    4. Cedric Soubeyras
    5. Valentin Telliet
    6. Malcolm Stewart
    7. Cyrille Coulon
    8. Fabien Izoird
    9. Tommy Searle
    10. Adrien Escoffier

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