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Ramette takes Stockholm Supercross

Double British Arenacross champion Thomas Ramette won the Stockholm Supercross at the weekend but home rider Fredrik Noren whipped the crowd into a frenzy and deservedly took second. Angelo Pellegrini completed the podium while Josh Hill, AKA the world’s fastest office worker, came fourth.

Due to an unfortunate clash of dates the 24MX International Supercross was always going to be compared to the inaugural SMX Cup in Gelsenkirchen. Understandable, although the concepts of both races were worlds apart. Inside the magnificent Tele2 Arena Swedish fans were spoilt with a real Supercross race on a full-scale track. The traditional ‘pit party’ allowed spectators to check out the track in advance and offered meet and greet opportunities with their favourites.

Even before his MXoN crash Jason Anderson had been transferred to team Husqvarna for the SMX Cup. To make matters most Scandinavia’s prime moto event also lost Davi Millsaps and Martin Davalos to injuries. With the likes of fast Americans Josh Hill, Benny Bloss, Gannon Audette, Ronnie Stewart, Ricky Renner, Alex Ray, Adam Enticknap and Dustin Pipes the Euro riders still had plenty of competition. Did those missing stars hurt the event? Hard to say because the racing was awesome. The talented Josh Hill claimed the first main ahead of Thomas Ramette. Ramette turned the tables for the second main when he beat Hill. However there was no doubt about who was the star of the night; Sweden’s own Fredrik Noren! Fast Freddie was leading in both opening races when he crashed. Returning to the front proved to be hard in the 10-lap sprint format but Noren dotted the I’s and crossed the t’s in the third main. The popular Honda rider took the holeshot and never looked back.

Close action as No75 Josh Hill is stuck in traffic
Close action as No75 Josh Hill is stuck in traffic

With double points at stake in the super final everything was up for grabs. Former factory star Josh Hill was undoubtedly the fastest rider of the evening but admittedly the Washington native came a little short in the fitness department. With Noren, Ramette, Italy’s Angelo Pellegrini, AMA revelation Benny Bloss and Hill all in front the 13.000 plus crowd went ballistic! When Noren took command of the race and went on to win the Tele2 Arena was in full celebration mode. Even Ramette’s overall win couldn’t hide the fact that there was another King of Stockholm alongside the SR75 Molson Racing Suzuki rider. Noren showed that there’s more to come in as far as supercross concerns. Hopefully our favourite Viking can translate this newfound self-confidence in a strong AMA Supercross campaign come next year.

Vicki Golden, the world’s fastest female SX rider was unlucky in Sweden. Vicki got injured early on in the first moto and decided to pull out of racing for the night. Like a true trooper the multiple X Games winner put on a brave display in the FMX ‘Best Whip’ and ‘Best Trick’ competitions. With Pat Bowden (Nitro Circus best trick winner), Brody Wilson, FMX wünderkind Kai Haase, Fredrik ‘Frog’ Berggren and Vicki Golden the 24MX Supercross’ FMX show was compact but the style and high level of tricks spoke volumes for 24MX in-house FMX specialist Martin ‘Flap’ Snellström. To cap things off the crowd was introduced to Scandinavia’s next generation of moto stars. In the 125cc Stefan Olssen claimed the win, Denmark Albert Leegard was victorious in the 65cc class.

Thomas Ramette, winner: “My ‘summer supercross’ season went really well so it’s great to continue like that. I had a blast in Stockholm and rode very consistent. That was the key to my victory. The Tele2 Arena was very impressive and the dirt was just perfect. Thanks to the SR75 World Team, Suzuki UK, 24MX and everyone who supports me.”

Fredrik Noren, second: “I hadn’t raced in Sweden in a long time, and I was so excited to be able to race in front of my home crowd again. I felt the speed was definitely there, but unfortunately I made a mistake in the first two races. But to win two of the races the way I did is just a blessing! It was amazing to see so many fans cheering me on and coming by to say hello during the pit party.”

Angelo Pellegrini, third: “I was really pleased with how things went at the 24MX Supercross. To get third overall is a great start to my indoor season. My riding was okay and in the super final I was very close to Ramette. The Tele2 Arena is really gigantic, it’s an awesome place and I hope to be back there next year!”

Josh Hill, fourth: “I had a great time in Stockholm in 2014 so I just couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to come back and give it another shot. I was pretty stoked on my speed actually. I set the fastest time of the day and won the first of four mains. With my ‘desk job fitness’ the four mains were rough man. It was a 60 laps night! I ended up fourth overall and best American, I’ll take that any day coming out of retirement. It was another great event, with an amazing crowd and Stockholm is just an amazing city.”

Adam Enticknap, eighth: “That was just rad! I had a blast in Stockholm. To meet my Swedish was fans sick. 24MX put together an awesome show, to perform Moto 7 live with the other guys made it even sweeter! I had fun racing there too, the differences were small but overall I was pretty happy with my speed.”

Florent Richier, tenth: “Things went excellent considering I was on a stock bike with a pretty stacked field! I got sixth in the super final and finished tenth overall. The track was awesome and riding in front of such a big crowd is always a big buzz.” Pics by Caroline Joelsson, video by DW Productions.

24MX Supercross Pro-class classification Stockholm, Sweden
1.Thomas Ramette, FRA Suzuki
2. Fredrik Noren, SWE Honda
3. Angelo Pellegrini ITA Suzuki
4. Josh Hill, USA, Kawasaki
5. Benny Bloss, USA, KTM
6. Jack Brunnell, GBR Kawasaki
7. Fabien Izoird, FRA Honda
8. Adam Enticknap, USA Honda
9. Dustin Pipes, USA Suzuki
10. Florent Richier, FRA Kawasaki

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