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Ronnie Mac OUT of the Nations

Just a week after it was revealed legendary goon rider Ronnie Mac would line up with Travis Pastrana and Ryan Sipes on two-strokes for Team Puerto Rico at the Motocross of Nations in the USA, it’s been confirmed Ronnie has been dropped from the team. Pastrana confirmed the news today, and it’s rumoured Kevin Windham will join the team on a 450 four-stroke.
Rumours as to why Ronnie Mac is out have revolved around his CR250 being too old to be eligible, him not being allowed to register under a false name or that he was involved in some drunken antics at a race in the USA. None of these have been confirmed.
Pastrana said: “To put it mildly, this past week has been nothing shy of a catastrophe. We had a clear goal to add (not take away from) the #MXON. Build up the #MXON to people outside the industry through what I still believe could have been one of the greatest documentary ever filmed. All while raising funds to help hurricane relief in Puerto Rico. We had approval from the top but it all came crumbling down.
“The chances of us making the A-Main at the MXON on 2 strokes was slim to none and our plan was never to effect the outcome of the event.. but rather to show how tough this sport truly is and to be a part of what will surely be the most incredible mx event ever held in the USA. Thanks to the people trying to protect the sport, this now looks like a joke and we have taken attention away from the event I hold most dear to my heart. It was ambitious and our announcement took a hard left turn.
“Nitrocircus has pulled out of the film project and Ronnie Mac has been pulled from the team. Having said that, I promised you guys I would race and the people of Puerto Rico that we would help. Ryan Sipes is not afraid to spend his own money, race his heart out or swing a hammer.. and that’s what we are going to do. More announcements to come on the third rider but for now, I leave you with one more quote.
“Things won’t get better dwelling on the past. Accept what has happened. Then move forward.”

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