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Stefan Everts launches his own booze!

Ten times world champion Stefan Everts has launched his own range of premium gin! Called S72 Gin, it costs 43 Euros a bottle and you can order it HERE!

The website explains how it all came about:

After a chance encounter with Belgian mountainbike world champion Filip Meirhaeghe on the ‘Eternal Fame’ TV show in 2012, Everts love for gin really blossomed and his since taken him on a five year journey to create a product worthy of his name.

Educating himself on the entire industry through reading books and tasting different flavours, it was another coincidental between his father and a local gin distillery that provided Everts with the spark to start creating the product himself.

As big fans of the star motocross rider, the distillery explained all the processes necessary to bring S72 Gin to the marketplace and then helped with all the sampling and testing, so that Everts could create the unique flavour he was looking for.

In the extremely competitive gin industry, it is a difficult proposition to stand out from the crowd, but after many months of hard work perfecting the blend, S72 Gin was finally ready.

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