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Sterry knee injury latest

British MX2 champ Adam Sterry has announced on social media that he could be out for the rest of the season following a knee injury in the Valkenswaard GP on Sunday, but has since removed the statement.

After having to pull out from the first moto and not starting the second, he posted on social media on Sunday: “Motocross is testing sometimes. Had a coming together and just put my leg out and torn something in my knee while up the sharp end in moto one, had to pull in with the pain. Hopefully nothing to serious got more checks tomorrow. Annoying as we made some good steps this week. We will be back!”

Then on Tuesday he made the following post, which was soon removed: “So yesterday I got the results from the scan on my knee unfortunately I have torn my ACL, so 2017 is pretty much over for me. I am in the best hands to get back to 100% and come back stronger. This hit me hard as we put all the hard work in but did not manage to show it yet and just as we felt like we were getting there a small dab of the place and this happens. That’s motocross though and makes them good days just that little bit better!”

Whatever is happening, we wish him all the best and speedy recovery.





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